Designer Drugs

Ask the DJ/production duo DESIGNER DRUGS how many air miles they've logged over the past year and the answer requires more than a bit of calculating. "Over 300,000," Michael Vincent Patrick referencing numerous spots around the world where the group has performed. "I have a really nice apartment in New York City, but I've only been there three days this month."
It's a testament both to the duo's popularity and work ethic that that number may become the annual norm. After nearly 50 remixes for everyone from Mariah Carey to Annie to Thieves Like Us, the diverse electronic group, comprised of Patrick and Theodore Paul Nelson, is set to release their debut album HARDCORE/SOFTCORE on Ultra Records in February 2011.

Where past productions and remixes have been on the poppier end of the musical spectrum, Hardcore conjures up a darker, edgier vibe – think the throbbing, industrial-heavy opening club scene in "The Doom Generation" – yet still retains a melodic center on many of the tracks. "I think we're making music for the apocalypse," says Michael, only half-joking. "The state of society is at a place where people just don't give a fuck and that's what inspires our music."

On Hardcore/Softcore, numerous sounds saddle up against each other, proving the title's veracity. The punishing electro-industrial punk of "Dead Meat" and grinding, pounding beat of club bangers "Face Melter" and "The Terror" provide contrast to the pop vocals of Norwegian singer Annie on "Crazy For You" and fist-pumping up-tempo anthem "Into The Light." Elsewhere, the classic electro-funk of "Leather Gang" sits comfortably against the Italo-shoegaze of "For All We Know" and lead single "Through The Prism" (out 10/26, Ultra Music), the new electro classic featuring Cerebral Vortex. In stark contrast to albums that sound like they're on repeat by track four, Hardcore/Softcore 's myriad styles are a welcome change from many electronic LPs.

While a debut album, Hardcore/Softcore functions as much as a culmination of a decade's work as it does the next stage in a bourgeoning career. As the electro scene started to flourish in the early 2000s, the pair built a studio in Philadelphia and christened themselves DESIGNER DRUGS, balancing an in-demand DJing schedule with near-constant demand for track remixes, including Little Boots' "Meddle," Fischerspooner's "The Best Revenge," IAMX's "Spit It Out" and Heartsrevolution's "Switchblade."

With Nelson currently in medical school, the duo has still found a way to keep up their busy musical careers. "I don't really do anything else besides med school and music," admits Theo. "I do worry about if I want to be a doctor or a DJ when I finish school, but I'll just cross that bridge when I come to it." Adds Michael: "When he has time off, we'll meet and just write every day."

School hasn't stopped the group from putting on memorable live sets as much as possible. Spend a few minutes at one of DESIGNER DRUGS' live shows and you'll see the normally humble pair, spurred on by the intense energy of their music, transform into a different beast. "It gets pretty wild," admits Michael. "Even though we're mellow, there's lots of stage diving and almost slam dancing. It's next level dance club shit that almost morphs into that '90s hardcore/punk vibe."

As for the future, more remixes, more original production, more DJ mixes (the online DATAMIX series is on 11 and counting) and many more DJ gigs promise to keep the pair busy for the foreseeable future. And no school will stop DESIGNER DRUGS from achieving their musical goals. "I got a month off coming up," says Theo. "As soon as I get my first free day, it's back to the studio with Michael."

Intense shows with incomprehensible energy, music with great supporters from big acts across the globe, as well as a likability and intimacy with fans and supporters around the world are what make everything "Ookay". With only six months' time of being in a fast-paced, competitive and growing industry, Ookay has established himself by other as "a leader" and being at the forefront of a rapid growing music genre.

With only six months creating music, Ookay has created an imprint of a growing sound within clubs and major festival. His first ever Beatport release with Ultra Records has charted very well on the electronica chart peaking at #10. With thousands of people supporting Ookay, there's no limit to where he may go. Already associating himself with names like Borgore, UZ, Flosstradamus, RL Grime, Mayhem, Craze and more, Ookay has gained mass popularity and a likability, not just personally, but musically as well.

Ookay was recently listed as one of Vibe Magazines top Trap / Moombahton artist to watch in 2013. With his recent release on the Buygore Allstars Album taking over dance floors across the world, Ookay is definitely an artist to keep your eye on in 2013 and many years to come.

Kennedy Jones

Hailing from Southern California, Kennedy Jones is no stranger to bass music stages in the United States. Having had great success with his prior collaborative project which was predominantly Dubstep oriented, his last release was signed to Ultra Records. With a need for a solo project, the "Kennedy Jones" project was born taking the trapstyle bass music scene by storm. With support from artists such as Borgore, 12th Planet, Mt Eden, Luminox, Shift Key, Ookay, and more, he has proved already that his high energy bass-packed tunes can rock dance floors across the world.

Most notably, the recent release of Elvis Crespo's "Suavemente" (Kennedy Jones Trap Remix) on the Buygore All Stars Album
( ) which has recently been played on the Los Angeles based radio station Power 106 and UK based radio station BBC Radio 1 by 12Th Planet ( ). The album also features a collaboration between Kennedy Jones and Borgore with their 110BPM dance floor smasher remix of "Macarena".

Having started his solo project less than 3 months ago, Kennedy is quickly becoming recognized as the artist to watch in 2013 and keeps supporters wanting more with his versatile productions and live selection.

The recent release of Kennedy's new original Tutch Drap has quickly gained support from notable artist around the world and has currently received air play on BBC1Xtra with Benga and N-Type.

Intrigue is right! There is no better name for this dj! Daven Treague arouses curiosity and interest with unusual, new and otherwise fascinating skills that force the crowd to succumb to his crafty musical plot. His experience, passion and pure energy overwhelm an audience with euphoric feelings one might only be able to compare to an illicit love affair.

His own love affair with the musical art of djing began at the age of 14 when he noticed the dj had an ability to direct a crowd, almost as if they were actors in his own show. This revelation began his drive to create his own productions with dreams of a complete cast to act out his schemes of intrigue. In less then two years Daven was booked Wed-Sat for weekly dj performances that included an all ages club called Area 54 and a live radio show called Rhythm Pit, broadcast from the Oklahoma City theme park, Frontier City.

During high school Daven began to rise through the ranks of the local Oklahoma rave scene but it was not until he traveled to Europe at the age of 18 that his EDM evolution found new direction. Attending large events in Russia and Amsterdam with names like Tiesto, BT, and Paul Van Dyk brought much clarity to his almost systematic plans of electronic ascendance.

Back in the states nothing could deter this dj from making this dream a reality, even if it meant refinancing his car to buy his first set of turntables and a mixer. Daven then enrolled in classes for music production and recording which later earned him a master's certificate in Music Production and Technology from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. By now he was completely submerged in the rave scene, playing parties almost every weekend in Oklahoma and its surrounding states under his name then, Adict-D (a name appropriately given to him by friends that felt as though they needed to recognize his EDM and turntable addiction).

In 2008, prepared to capture every crowd, Daven was hired as the resident at The Copa. This was the same club he attended on a regular basis to get his own EDM fix. A short two years later The Copa was voted the top dance club in Oklahoma City, having the best music on the dance music scene. A very impressive accomplishment since the club had never been nominated in its long history. On the list again in 2011 Daven had to make the difficult choice to leave over musical differences.

In 2012 Daven changed the way downtown Oklahoma City perceived dance music by dropping forceful beats as the resident dj inside Posh, the largest and oldest dance club in OKC. The future is bright! Daven is now apart of the HAVOC dj line up, Frequency Nightclub lineup and is doing live performances at many dance music hotspots throughout the central US. One of his Original Tracks "I Do for the Music" he debuted during a guest appearance at the Lizard Lounge in Dallas. Continuing his work in the studio more original tracks are coming about "I feel It" to name one, and His weekly live Mix Podcast which has stayed in the top 10 electro/dubstep charts since episode one. So be on the lookout behind every sick sound, for you may just be another player in his next design of intrigue.

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Designer Drugs with Ookay, Kennedy Jones, Daven Treague

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