Bad Bad Meow

Bad Bad Meow

Bad Bad Meow delivers stimulating rhythms. That’s all you need to know.

Branding their sound as “americana punk,” Bad Bad Meow migrated from North Carolina to take the city of Chicago along for a bad bad ride. After years of swapping out musicians like yesterday’s underwear, singer/guitarist/evil genius Alen finally settled on a mix of personalities that clicked both musically and in the bedroom, including Jon, Butters, Will, and Greg.

Alen Khan (Vox/Guitar)
Jon Laganski (Drums)
Butter Buttermilk (Contra Bass/Bassoon)
Will Wholesome (Keys/Vox); Greg Peerbolt (Guitar)

She Speaks in Tongues

She Speaks In Tongues is power! Front woman Kate McCandless channels many voices and spirits on vocals - clad in a shapeless, burlap sack dress, with her looping pedal and one stringed guitar.

Daniel Majiid (Panoramic and True; Deep Sea Mammal) on Bass
Eric Schmidt on Lead Guitar
Adrian Vigliano (The Clams) on Drums
Nigel Harsch on Samples


Videotape has been creating a popy shoegaze around the Chicago area since 2010. Mixing harmony with noise, melancholia and intensity this 5-piece creates an ethereal yet familiar sound that has been compared to Electrelane, Sonic Youth, and Ride.

Videotape’s debut full-length, This Is Disconnect, garnered great reviews, including a feature in Impose Magazine, IFC, Rollo & Grady, and a host of other music blogs and media outlets. Pop Matters described This Is Disconnect as having a “varied and often impressive set of tunes from a curiously talented new band.”

Their most recent album, Underwater Weather, is due out 10/28/14 on the Chicago label Medium Gallery. It will have 10 brand new songs with at least one old favorite in there. It can only be found here:

$5.00 - $8.00

Tickets Available at the Door

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Bad Bad Meow with She Speaks in Tongues, Videotape

Saturday, July 13 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at The Hideout

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