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The fucking best band EVER in the history of recorded music. There maybe was a band better before the advent of music recording technology, but not since. Zebroids, fuck you.

Party Hard

We play Andrew W.K. songs, and party fucking hard.

Dirty Few

we're a party garage rock band in denver that loves your mom! we're playing tons of rad shows this year just got off tour and plan on gettin back out there sooon!!

Jux County

Formed in December 1986, Jux County is one of the longest tenured rock bands in Denver, with a career that has included opening up for Nirvana, Alanis Morissette, Matchbox 20, Primus, the Meat Puppets, Living Colour, Pere Ubu, Juliana Hatfield, The Heads, and X.

Featuring Andy Monley on guitar and vocals, Ron Smith on drums, and Chris Pearson on bass, the power trio that occupies Jux County, has the longevity as long as the source of our name, from William Faulkner, the Purlizter Prize winning author from Mississippi. Faulkner would set his stories in the mythical Yoknapatawpha County, Mississippi, and juxtapose different ideologies together in a story, much like the band does with elements of country, rock, jazz, punk, surf, metal, industrial, waltzes and even polka. Alas, the name Jux County! Other more famous bands basing their names on Faulkner include Pylon (from Athens) and The Reivers (from Austin).

Jux has released five albums {Junk Country (2001), Haxtun EP (1999), Simon's Eyes (1995), Word of Bovek (1989), Spendin' the Day (1991)}, and a single {Be There (1990)}.

Band highlights include:

Jux performed at the SXSW independent music festival in Austin Texas in 1991 and 1996. In 1996, Jux County was the only unsigned band from Colorado to be selected into SXSW.

In 1993, Jux County composed and performed all original music for the play PlagueSong at the Changing Scene Theater in Denver. The original eerie, hillbillesque music was critically acclaimed in the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News.

For 1995, Jux County was chosen local band of the year in The Denver Post.

For 1996, Jux County was voted Best Alternative Band by the 200,000 readers of Westword magazine.

Jux County has composed and recorded over 100 pieces for various film and television soundtracks.

Jux County released its latest album, entitled "Junk Country", on September 14th, 2001. Recording live in the big room in Colin Bricker's NFA Studios over 3 hot days in July, it is essentially a live album capturing our best performances of a mixture of old and new songs. The title "Junk Country" is a testament to all of the times promoters have misprinted our band name over the last 15 years.

Thee Dang Dangs

Thee Dang Dangs are a 4 piece Psychedelic Surf Garage Rock band that formed in 2012 in Denver, CO.

Hollow Talk 'Reunion'

One part shoe gaze, one part psychedelic, and one part dream pop, Hollow Talk is a dynamic band that represents what they believe pop music will be. Known for their melodic song melodies, driving rhythm section, psychedelic keyboards, and full-bodied guitar sound, Hollow Talk is a band of seasoned veterans who have played in a variety of successful and influential bands in the US.


Skateboarding, Squirming, Mind Altering Substances..

Dude Babes

The band that brought you such hits as 'Pizza Bikini' and 'Hot Tub Hand Job!' This four piece party rock and roll outfit consisting of Dong Bon Jovi, JonBenét Rambo, Sofia Sex Bomb, and Suzie Cream Pie delivers a not-to-be-missed show. Featuring members of Dirty Few and The Legendary River Drifters

The best worst band in Denver!



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the UMS with Zebroids, Party Hard, Dirty Few, Jux County, Thee Dang Dangs, Hollow Talk 'Reunion', DEAF KID, Dude ...

Friday, July 19 · Doors 5:00 PM / Show 6:00 PM at Hi-Dive