Sub.Mission Presents Electronic Tuesday ft. Caspa, The Digital Connection Vs. Gryme Tyme w/ Loo Gutz, [Rapture], Cord and Deep Echow/ The D

"Caspa grew up in West London, and was brought up on a diet of jungle & hiphop. At the time he wasn't old enough to go to the jungle raves so had to be content with his tape packs of Brockie and Det. When garage emerged he naturally progressed into the sound and started attending garage raves.

After an injury which sadly ended his once promising basketball career, he bought his first pair of decks and started DJ'ing. And after receiving a free demo copy of Fruity Loops he started to experiment with the idea of building tracks in a computer program and got his first real taste of music production. Under the name Quiet Storm he made a tune called 'Bass Bins', which was picked up by BBC 1xtra's J Da Flex who showcased on his Underground Knowledge Show in 2003. The next day he received a call from DJ Lombardo (the first resident of FWD) who had just started his label Fragile Beats and spoke with him about a possible release of the track he had heard the night before on radio.

Due to unforseen circumstances, the label never blossomed and the track never saw the light of day, but determined not to give up he pursued his ambitions by starting his own label Storming Productions in 2004 and started a weekly radio show on the prolific Rinse FM. With a successful year of working and releasing with artists such as Search & Destroy, Dubchild, Toasty Boy, DJ Narrows and Oris Jay the label was well established as one of the dominating labels of the time.

After receiving a demo from Swedish producers L-Wiz, he decided to start a sister label to Storming called Dub Police, this label's focus was to give platform to up and coming artists and push the newly developing dubstep sound - it was also at this time he had his debut release under the alias of Caspa, after which he had a release on well known dubstep label Tempa (Rubber Chicken), which had been one of the largest tracks of the year and is still regarded by many as an anthem.

With a string of succesful releases from artists such as L-Wiz, N-Type, Rusko, The Others and of course his own productions under the Caspa alias, the label began to grow in to one the dominating labels within the newly formed dubstep genre.

After a number of highly successful releases and remixes, in October 2007, Caspa along with label artist Rusko, were appraoched by Fabric and asked to mix the 37th installment of the legendary FabricLive series, following on from estalished artists like John Peel, Fabio & Grooverider and DJ Craze. This was the first commercially available dubstep compilation and majorly helped bring the genre into the limelight, and for many listeners, it was the first time they were exposed to the music.

In 2008, Caspa joined highly respected artist agency 'Coda', this lead to a string of high profile gigs & festival performances such as Glastonbury, Global Gathering, Big Chill and Glade aswell as taking Caspa as far and wide as Israel, New Zealand, America, Canada and all across Europe and the UK.

Caspa's recently started sister label to Dub Police; 'Sub Soldiers', was now thriving with two installments of the popular 'Ave It' series, amongst other huge tracks to come out of the label. It was also at this time that Caspa & Rusko were approached by Lennie De Ice to remix the foundation setting Jungle anthem 'We I.E.' which had been one of Caspa's all time favourite dance tracks. Straight after, Caspa's highly successful remix of TC's drum and bass anthem 'Where's My Money' had become one of the biggest dance tracks globally and had grown into one of the biggest crossover tracks of 2008, propelling dubstep to the masses.

Fast forward a year from the release of the FabricLive CD, Caspa and the Dub Police have found their home at Fabric, holding down a bi-monthly night alongside DJ Hype & Pascal's True Playaz residency at this prestigious nightclub. With an album on the horizon, aswell as other major projects including a mix compilation and a remix for EMI, Caspa shows no signs slowing down, and 2009 is set be the year of the ghost." -

The Digital Connection

The Digital Connection is the musical alias of Ricky Shine. In 2008 Ricky Shine age 18, a boulder resident for life, was living in the heart of downtown Denver, where he was exposed to the vast dance music scene. Attending club Beta and other shows almost weekly, the desire to be behind the decks grew even more. With a background in playing bass guitar with several local metal and jam bands, this new found passion of "bass" music seemed like the right direction to go. The first songs were made on FL studio under the name "Stucatto" and can mostly be considered Electro House style. His friend Guam was the first person to introduce Ricky to the world of mixing. The first live DJ performance by Ricky was a house party, which was thrown by the soon to be the Got Bass Music crew in the spring of 2009.
During the summer of 09 Ricky dubbed himself the alias "The Digital Connection." The first track made under this name was an ambient track called "Waking Awareness" which featured a clip from artist Alex Grey. After a month or so of developing a new style, he was introduced to the program Ableton Live, and the ability to mix tracks using the device APC40. This opened up a whole new world of possibilities by allowing him to bring the songs to a live set. After a while Ricky started DJing house parties and personal shows for friends, which eventually turned into playing for crowds of people with Got Bass Ent. only a few months later.
The Digital Connection has performed in many small clubs and bars in the Denver and Boulder area including The Mix, Mini Bar, Diamond After Dark, The Marquis, Cervantes, and even the A-Basin resort. Recently with the self release of "The Space Man E.P, The Digital Connection has received a lot of attention from music blogs, websites, and music labels. With Ricky's passion for all kinds of music, you can expect to hear anything ranging from down tempo ambient tunes to dubstep and glitch hop bangers in his live set.
Live instruments are also being added into the mix with a live drummer as well as live bass and synth to bring out the full experience of DC's music.

OVER 21: $5 Before 10 PM & $10 After 10 PM / UNDER 21: $10 Before 10 PM & $15 After 10 PM

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OVER 21 = $5 Before 10 PM / $10 After 10 PM
UNDER 21 = $10 Before 10 PM / $15 After 10 PM

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Sub.Mission Presents Electronic Tuesday ft. Caspa, The Digital Connection Vs. Gryme Tyme w/ Loo Gutz, [Rapture], Cord and Deep Echow/ The D

Tuesday, July 16 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom

Tickets Available at the Door