Dead Stars

"..Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s Dead Stars, play melodic alt-rock and shoegaze straight from the early-‘90s—think Teenage Fanclub, Pavement, Sonic Youth and Dinosaur, Jr. Which means lots of hefty, hummable melodies and even more fuzz tones.." - FUSE.TV

"..glorious, guitar-driven slacker-rock.." - MTV HIVE

"..Epic swathes of crumpled guitar brilliance.." - MOJOPHENIA

"...Dead Stars have some immediately familiar sounds even on the first listen—Pixies' loud-soft-loud trademark, Built to Spill, Pavement and Hum when they decide to unleash the wall of guitars. Anyone claiming to be a fan of those bands should get this album today..."

The Hairs

"You can learn a lot about the Hairs through main-man(e) Kevin Alvir’s chosen song titles: There’s the gender-bent 'Jack Becomes A Policewoman,' a new single with a name posing the same sort of pithy illustrative twist as the previously posted 'Balding College Girls.' Titles to catch you off guard, quick twisters to pair with the fun, blunt quirk of a track (title) like 'Duh x 12!' So that’s the Hairs, then, in a name or three: clever and twisty in melody and buried guitar lines, simple and immediate in fuzz, and pulse, and its ostensibly slapdash home-recorded vibe."-Stereogum

The Teen Age

Formed in Brooklyn during the Winter of 2012, The Teen Age plays a mix of 70's punk and indie garage. Their song "Evil" was recorded at the new Silent Barn in Bushwick, BK and was produced by members of the group Ava Luna. Humming with youthful defiance and grounded in psych, the track serves as an exciting precursor to a debut EP currently in the works.


Brooklyn-band Honduras has just self-released a 4-song EP entitled 'Ready, No' available via Bandcamp.

Honduras is:

Tyson Moore - Guitar, Vocals
Patrick Phillips - Vocals, Guitar
Benjamin Martin - Drums
Nicholas Atria - Bass


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Dead Stars with The Hairs, The Teen Age, Honduras

Wednesday, July 31 · Doors 8:30 PM at Glasslands Gallery

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