The Rocketboys

The Rocketboys’ sound reflects the Texas landscape from which they hail: vast, yet sparse, desolate, yet rich and abundant. Familiar lyrical themes of romance and love are often eschewed in favor of songs of brotherhood, family, life, and death in the band’s dynamic musical array, from guitar- and keyboard-rich anthems to gentle, ethereal whispers.

Hit TV shows “Glee,” “One Tree Hill,” “Private Practice,” “Elementary,” and many others have channeled the band’s powerful thematic energy. Reviews often highlight the band’s parity to textural acts such as Band of Horses and Death Cab for Cutie while retaining the mass appeal of Coldplay, The Verve and Keane.

No strangers to the road (the band will perform its 700th show this year), The Rocketboys continually find fans across the country with a beautifully powerful live show – on tour this summer with Dustin Kensrue (Thrice) / David Ramirez and also with Quiet Company.

The Rocketboys released its latest recording project and debut on Black Magnetic Records, the “Left | Right” EP, on January 6th, 2015. It was recorded in Los Angeles, CA at Sunset Sound Studios with multi-grammy winning producer, Joe Chicarelli (Manchester Orchestra, The Strokes, The Shins).

Boys in the Well

Since forming in early 2010, Boys In The Well have been writing honest music and playing energetic shows for anyone and everyone willing to listen. These four young men from the mountains of North Carolina - with their meaningful lyrics, catchy melodies, and fire in their hearts - hope to give their music to the world. They set up to create spirited yet melancholic magic, and they wind up drawing us quickly into their hearts in anticipation for what’s coming next. Their stories and songs of love and loss are universal and true, painting a vibrant tapestry in our minds.

Danny and Justin Lanier began writing music together late in 2009, while playing sporadic shows throughout the Charlotte area. They were fortunate enough to pick up John Daniels on the banjo in early 2010, creating the unique sound that became Boys In The Well. After their first session playing together, they found the chemistry and camaraderie undeniable; this enabled them to write and perfect their first batch of songs.

The Boys spent much of November in the studio, recording their first EP, Mostly Honest. With the help of Dustin Harrell and Bucky McCann at Crash Creative Studios in Asheville, NC; the first batch of songs became an EP that sought to cover a wide spectrum of emotion and style. With the realization of this dream released in early 2011, they were left with an ambitious list of performance dates and venues.

Shortly after Mostly Honest was recorded, John Edwards joined the band, completing the lineup and solidifying the band. Edwards provides a smooth and consistent structure for the band, enabling them to progress as songwriters and performers.

Since the conclusion of Mostly Honest, The four Boys have added another dozen songs to their repertoire, including fast-paced energetic songs like "Wild Return", while maintaining the ability to flip the switch and perform slower, more thought-provoking songs like "So It Seems (Lost)" and "Lovers' Truce".

With their desire to remain true to the music, the members of Boys In The Well often share musical responsibilities on stage. Their multi-faceted approach to songwriting allows these friends to express themselves fully through their music, adapting to a song's needs. Because of this, they are free to give you some of the most true and organic music possible. You will often see these gentlemen switch instruments between songs, if not in the middle of one. This wide range of instruments and styles keeps their performances fresh and engaging while the music itself gives you a sense of camaraderie, as though you’re part of the family.

Defined as honest folk with alternative undertones, these four friends bring a much-needed earnestness into the musical world, leaving you with fire in your heart and laughter on your lips. With their ambiguous title, Boys In The Well will inspire you to laugh, think, and cry with the honest fervor of lost love and reclaimed joy.

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