Acridore, Chaosophy, The Fine Constant

Acridore is a Progressive Death Metal band from Madison, WI. With dynamic, epic song structures and a wide range of sounds going from soft and melodic to harsh and brutal, Acridore sets itself apart from the rest of the scene. If you're looking for something different, check it out!


Chaosophy is currently a one-man project by Steven Moser utilized to carry out an anticosmic vision. The music never follows one sole path but explores and pushes the boundaries of contemporary Black Metal music. In March 2013 Chaosophy became a full band with aims to crush the live scene with their Chaotic sound.

The Fine Constant

The band formed in early May when Sarah Longfield reached out to her compatriots in an attempt to begin performing her solo material in a live setting. Within a just few short weeks the line-up was solidified. Months of touring, writing, and collaborating are soon to follow.

Upcoming Events
High Noon Saloon