A Tribute to OASIS / Mike Hayes' Birthday Party feat. performances by The Bixby Knolls, Jonny Polonsky, Soft Pipes,  Brent Rademaker, Veronica Bianqui, Horsha on the Moon & more TBA

The Bixby Knolls

THE BIXBY KNOLLS are a Los Angeles, California collective born in 2009. They have attained an eclectic rock n roll sound that ranges from classic soul, 60's underground legends such as 'Love', punk pioneers 'The Clash', post-punk favorites 'Joy Division' to modern classics such as 'Primal Scream' and 'Kasabian'.

Their soon-to-be-released debut album ‘Near & Undear’ was produced by Joe Cardamone of 'The Icarus Line' and engineered by Greg Gordon who has masterminded the mixing board to such greats as 'Oasis', 'Jet', 'Supergrass' and ‘The Dandy Warhols'.

The Bixby Knolls have successfully completed a residency at premier L.A. venue THE ECHO in May 2011 and shared the stage with BEST COAST at the PASADENA MAKE MUSIC FESTIVAL in summer of 2011. They have also been billed as support to such touring acts as THE VACCINES, SWERVEDRIVER and LITTLE BARRIE (of PRIMAL SCREAM).

Jonny Polonsky

Signed to American Recordings in 1996 by Rick Rubin off of a demo produced by the Pixies' Frank Black, Jonny Polonsky emerged on the international music scene with his 24 minute power pop masterpiece, Hi My Name is Jonny. After several more releases and label switches, Polonsky has returned with his first full length in eight years, Intergalactic Messenger of Divine Light and Love. In the interim he has worked as a side musician with everyone from Johnny Cash and Neil Diamond to Pete Yorn and Maynard James Keenan's Puscifer.

"He does it with soul."

-Jeff Buckley

"This guy was born to be a rock star and he makes the music to back it up."

Frank Black/Black Francis of the Pixies

New Jersey native Anthony Polcino's debut album as Soft Pipes, “When You’re Done Here You Get to Go Home,” recently self-released, shimmers with melody and atmospherics, speaking to Polcino’s “love of reverb, washed-out tones and other sounds that create their own ethereal universe.” Not bad for recordings that made extensive use of a closet. In fact, it’s a lovely dream-pop excursion in general.

“My motivation was just the will to do it,” says Polcino, who’s not yet assembled a live band to play Soft Pipes music. “Sometimes things kind of diffuse at the hands of other people, so there was some satisfaction in doing this myself.”n --BuzzBands LA

Veronica Bianqui

Born and bred in Los Angeles, Veronica Bianqui has been performing on the live circuit since the age of 16. Since recently completing an Ethnomusicology degree at UCLA, she has performed less as a solo act and more with her newly formed backing band The Love Break: this has given her the full-electric rock n roll sound she's always wanted.
Her songs explore themes concerning the dualities we face in our delicate daily struggles: love and death, happiness and sadness, madness and sanity. In combining elements such as forlorn and heartbroken lyrics with upbeat, major tonalities, her music induces a unique mix of tearing your heart out and uplifting you at the same time. With a style that combines elements of 60s/70s classic rock, folk, and often odd-metered, borderline-progressive phrasing and rhythmic structures, her soulful blend of indie-pop- rock is quite hard to pigeon-hole. And you'd never expect such a big voice to come out of such a small girl.
In addition to playing live and writing for her band's recordings and shows, Veronica has also composed for independent films. Her song "Shame On You," was written for and featured in independent writer/director Matias Masucci's feature film Noise Matters, which was selected to debut at the prestigious Raindance Film Festival in London, England. She also recently completed writing several commissioned pieces for an independent Sci-fi film yet to be released.
Currently in the writing and planning stages of a much-awaited EP, she has been increasingly adding to the band's repertoire and expanding their live gig circuit. With plenty more ideas up her sleeve, Veronica Bianqui is just barely getting started and has a long future ahead of her.
INFLUENCES: The Beatles, The Doors, Bob Dylan, Regina Spektor, White Stripes, Tune-Yards


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