Twitching Tongues

"We know we ain't too pretty, we know we're outta' line. We're out of luck, but who gives a fuck? We never spend a dime"


Hardcore band from MD featuring members of Trapped Under Ice. FFO: Burn, Crown Of Thornz, Leeway, and 311.


"Six tracks of down-tuned, head cracking, thick skulled hardcore in the vein of early Merauder or any other band that you wouldn't be surprised supporting thick hair braids, bandannas, and stomach tattoos. Age of Ignorance toes the "Slayer-line," an imaginary line in which a band straddles being a hardcore band or a metal act. However, Downpresser are thankfully fast enough to keep hardcore kids happy, but also have enough blistering solos to have even the most inept air guitar player swinging a mean imaginary axe. In a hardcore world filled to the brim with crappy "deathcore" bands singing about rape and partying, it's good to see bands like Downpresser keeping metallic hardcore, well, hardcore." - Age of Ignorance review,, December 2009


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Twitching Tongues with Turnstile, DOWNPRESSER

Friday, October 4 · 7:00 PM at Atticus Bar

Tickets Available at the Door