Glasslands 7th Anniversary Party!, Bear in Heaven

Glasslands 7th Anniversary Party!

Hard to believe it, but it's true... we are turning SE7EN! it's so cray guys. It's been a helluva ride but we're still here kicking and finally learning cursive!

to celebrate, we have decided to find one person representing each of the 7 deadly sins and have a HUGE FACKIN PARTAY! Book the date:

July 25

every one of you is invited. every. last. one.

here's how it's gonna work. we'll book some sick bandz and stuff, but we won't tell you who they are until later. just trust us they'll be sick.

RSVP here to be on the VIP list of the first people to know when the show is announced and tickets go on sale. You'll get a heads up in advance before we go public. tickets are gonna go quick! RSVP does not guarantee entry, but it does give you the best chance to get tickets before they sell out!

Bear in Heaven

After months of testing their limits and trusting their instincts, Bear in Heaven will emerge in April 2012 with I Love You, It's Cool, an album so vivid and visionary that it meets and even exceeds the confidence and calm its title suggests.
In 2010, Beast Rest Forth Mouth delighted listeners with the unexpected-futuristic rock music that didn't sound alien or bound to ostracize. Taking these songs from coast to coast and continent to continent, they learned that having fun with this music was copacetic, that they could delight a crowd while defying musical binaries. I Love You, It's Cool turns that realization into a peerless set of instant anthems.
Indeed, some of these songs are ready for the floor. In one a perfect guitar figure spirals through colossal drums and slabs of synthesizers. Elsewhere bliss booms in icy keyboards reflecting off a relentless throb. It's inescapable.
The intricacy and edge of Bear in Heaven's music is sharper than ever before. The programming is both complex and compelling, whether in the refracted rainbows or woven noisy matrices. Certainly, in places it feels like a hit, with hooks that instantly catch and bridges that curl a finger-lyrically, stylistically, temptingly-toward the dance floor. Bear In Heaven's mix of nostalgia and need is immediately relatable, too, bringing the band's exploratory sounds a little closer back to home before they exit in momentary space-rock ascendance, a readymade rock-club banger that erupts into a bold new direction.
I Love You, It's Cool is the first time Bear in Heaven has sounded so unapologetic and so evolved, so risky and so redeeming, so focused and so finessed. After years of restless exploration, this feels like a definitive arrival. I Love You, It's Cool is music written in the present tense but ready to speak to the future. The work is its own rarified reward.


Beverly is 16 today. I heard she was a bratty baby, she drank all the milk. Bev is sooooo hot right now. She’s always really hungry and I don’t know why. Sometimes she eats cap’n crunch til she thinks she’s gonna vom - then she eats more. It’s weird. She’s still growing I guess. She’ll eat anything and everything. I heard Beverly ate her father’s strat, then her mother’s purple slingerland drum crazy. She keeps getting bigger. She must be like 9 feet tall. I don’t think Bev showers either. She’s a dirty girl. Her hair is stringy and she doesn’t care. Also Bev refuses to stop putting her hand in Tim the pit’s cage. Tim’s gonna bite that hand clean off one day... Did I mention, she wears waaay too much makeup and mismatched plaid. Frankie and Drew say her style is tacky, but I just think it’s so Beverly.

Quinn Walker (of Suckers)

Quinn Walker is a musician known for the unknown. Listening to just
one of his records puts you at risk of hearing acoustic guitars, disco
beats, crazy voices and/or sounds, all at the same time. Some of the
best listening one can encounter, however, and he even passes out
unreleased albums at his shows.

Walker enjoys orange fanta and yeti lore. Plans for a Tibetan journey
into the fabled Himalayas to search for the elusive creature in summer
of 2008 are in motion and will hopefully yield another great album.

Lemonade (DJ Set)

Formed in San Francisco, Lemonade initially crafted visceral, psychedelic, and vaguely tropical rave journeys that touched upon dozens of the group's influences (Liquid Liquid, Sons of a Loop Da Loop Era, Digital Mystikz) without sounding particularly like any of them. Early shows offered otherworldy, mind-bending experiences that drew a loyal MDMA-crazed local following. The phenomenon only intensified after the release of the band's self-titled debut LP in 2008 and subsequent move to New York.

That mostly improvised, ecstatic collection of "agile, hedonistic pop music" (as called by Radio 1′s Mary Anne Hobbes) earned praise from the indie and dance communities alike. Pitchfork wrote, "it vividly replicates that first sensation of losing yourself in a peak-hour, strobe-lit reverie, where the communal act of dancing teeters between liberation and disorientation."

2010 saw the band's second release, Pure Moods, an effort by Lemonade to steer their schizophrenic palate through pop waters. Combining warped old-school rave, R&B, grime, a variety of global rhythms, and other styles too numerous to list, the record was an important stepping stone for a group that was only beginning to discover the emotional potency of out-and-out pop songwriting.

Now, more than two years later, that transformation is complete, as Diver documents Lemonade operating as a focused unit, one that's more interested in speaking to your heart than blowing your mind. Traces of the group's disparate musical interests still populate the record, but make no mistake, Diver is a bold and sensual electronic pop record.

Diver swims ecstatically in every thing from the melodies of early 90′s R&B, UK 2-step Garage, Balearic house and NY freestyle to '80s pop-rock nostalgia, wispy new age, boy-band innocence, and synth-driven Euro-trance. The production, assisted by Fisherspooner collaborator Le Chev, is exceptionally crisp. Diver also contains some of most easily digestible music Lemonade has ever produced, yet it is anything but shallow. Callan's lyrics now look inward, to his attempts to hold on to redemptive love and romance in a cybernetic, information-rich world.

"The three San Franciscans-cum-Brooklynites in the band Lemonade ... process the best bits [of dance-music subgenres, hot world music, and the post-punk revival] into something practical and satisfying. ... With their muscular, aggressive approach to dance music, Lemonade operate from a similar base as other percussive post-punk new-schoolers, from party-starting outfits like !!! and Professor Murder to more abrasive acts like Aa and Liars. But the trio strike a singular balance between weird and wired: eight-minute centerpiece "Nasifon" finds Clendenin's voice sliding further into indecipherability-- imagine Metal Box-era John Lydon bellowing out Sigur Rós' Hopelandic lyric sheet-- but layers it with Arabic-accented melodies, machine-gunned synths and a pounding 4/4 beat that would go over both in Williamsburg warehouse parties and Dubai super clubs." --Pitchfork

Aaron Pfenning (DJ)

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Glasslands 7th Anniversary Party!, Bear in Heaven with Beverly, Quinn Walker (of Suckers), Lemonade (DJ Set), Aaron Pfenning (DJ)

Thursday, July 25 · Doors 9:00 PM at Glasslands Gallery

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