Chicago-based trio, The Dyes, infuse 60s inspired garage-rock with infectious 50s rockabilly undertones to create a punchy and melodic, yet raw rock n' roll sound. By digging up the roots of influences such as: Hank Williams, The Cramps, Wanda Jackson, and The Flat Duo Jets, this female-fronted trio is sure to catch the ears of a wide-spectrum of music lovers as they toss hints of punk, surf, blues, and country into the mix, and stir it up with their own unique twist.

White Mystery

Francis Scott Key White and Miss Alex White are the brother-sister duo that is White Mystery, a Chicago rock'n'roll band founded on April 20, 2008. Inspired by a candy flavor of the same name, White Mystery has since visited the Airheads candy factory and was photographed by PORK magazine in a bathtub full of the sweets. MTV features the band as a "Top 5 Sibling Act," "Best Video Premiere," and places White Mystery songs prominently in their television programming.

Since her early teen years, Miss Alex White played in garage bands Miss Alex White & the Red Orchestra and Hot Machines, bootstrapped DIY record label Missile X Records, and recorded with In the Red Records. Guitar World named her a "Top 10 Female Guitarist to Look Out For" for the supercharged riffs that blast out of her Rickenbacker, through a Big Muff, and out of the amplifier that Orange Amps sponsors her with. She shares a birthday with Willie Nelson, and Wayne Kramer from the MC5.

Francis Scott Key White has the most patriotic name in rock'n'roll music, shares a birthday with Keith Moon from the Who, and evokes the energy of British heavy hitters John Bonham from Led Zeppelin and Bill Ward from Black Sabbath. As a kid, Francis dreamed of joining his older sister on her tours around the world, and now with White Mystery has played almost every state in the USA, Canada, and embarks on a European Tour in 2013.

White Mystery debuts new music on its band anniversary every year, with a 4/20 celebration of vinyl, cds, and digital downloads. Together, the siblings self-released their first "White Mystery" full-length album in 2010 and sophomore record "Blood & Venom" in 2011 to the critical acclaim of Pitchfork, VICE, The Chicago Tribune, LA Weekly, The Austin Chronicle, and Village Voice. Cassette and vinyl seven-inch releases on Burger Records, HoZac, and Perpetrator have widened the bands' fan base considerably.

White Mystery "Telepathic" is the band's third full-length, recorded in Oakland with Greg Ashley, to be released in on April 20, 2013 at Brick & Mortar in San Francisco.

Muddy Udders

Muddy Udders is a slipp’ry little band from Green Bay, WI. Matty, Augie and Roelke flipped the switch in 2006 and the mud’s been dripping since. They technically haven’t underachieved; they didn’t set out to do much more than make albums (they've made 3), tour (they've done 4), and party (they've overachieved).

MU has played hundreds of shows, most of them 4 hours, and fancies itself one heck of a bar band, but they love cherry-picking songs for half-hour sprints as well. This flexibility has led to headlining festivals like the Symco Shakedown and Steelbridge Songfest, and opening for acts such as ? and the Mysterians and Bob Log III. They've played in basements, backyards, bowling alleys, even an AA party!

It's not that they necessarily shoot themselves in the foot, but the band probably could market itself a little better by narrowing its playlist, sticking to one genre, or even by not switching instruments, though most people enjoy the variety. The short answer is “rock’n’roll,” but the band will likely brush off questions of its style with the non-sequitur “toe-slappin’ grease rock," which apparently includes anything from garage rock, rockabilly, surf rock, punk rock, psychedelic, blues rock, country, bluegrass, ragtime, doo wop, funk, prog rock, tropicalia, maybe even metal. Instruments are swapped often enough that it's been deemed too tedious to give credit on the albums, which include not only the usual suspects of guitar, bass, and drums, but also piano, keyboard, harmonica, banjo, upright bass, accordion, and whatever else is around.

So long as the encouragement's there, Muddy Udders will keep doing their best to entertain without pandering and challenge without alienating. Talent and teeth, heart and brain, familiarity and creativity, rock AND roll! It’s a slipp’ry tightrope, but these guys are either too dumb to look down or too smart to look back. Or they’ve all been in bands since they were 13 and don’t really know any different. Go see ‘em, book ‘em, or just listen to their albums. Germs and nutrition, fertilizer and calcium! HOOOOOOO!!!

The Hop DJs

50's 60's Doo Wop, Rock n' Roll, Garage, and Soul dance party!



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