Witchtrap's Metal is: Unfit music, Nasty music, Aggressive music, Noisy music, for the ears of our parents!!! No More Beautiful Music in Metal!!!

Funeral Nation

Bones (Chicago)

Bones members Joe Warlord, Carcass Chris and Jon Necromancer first started playing together back in the 90s when they were all in the Chicago thrash outfit Usurper.

After the band's implosion in '07 everyone went their separate ways but stayed active playing and touring in other bands. Well, bad habits die hard. In '09 Jon and Joe started jamming again and putting a few songs together.

By the end of the year Chris was in the fold, and Bones was born. Forever a 3 piece of rock and punk styled metal, Bones plays simple, heavy, dirty and sleazy. No overproduction. No multi layered "studio" effects. No attitudes. Bones keep it real and crusty, the way it should be.



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Reggies Rock Club


Witchtrap with Funeral Nation, Bones (Chicago), Perversion

Sunday, November 17 · 7:00 PM at Reggies Rock Club