"Jam Out with your Clam Out"

Lauren Carder & the Multiple Me

“Lauren Carder and the Multiple Me is the first EP produced and recorded by Lauren Carder and Joshua Bratcher. Lauren is an acoustic folk artist with a hint of blues, she is currently located in Orlando, Florida. This wonderful album is full of intricate guitar verses with a slough of harmonica and breath taking vocals. The CD consists of five songs; Battles and Bullets, Killing Young, Land, Courage of an Open Heart, and Early Some Morning. Each song is unique and different from the next. She states that what she is trying to get across in her music is the multiplicity within one person. Hence the title, "Lauren Carder and the Multiple Me." Lauren talks about how we are all under the assumption that we are one whole person, but in reality we are little fragments and parts being pulled around by various forces.”
— Alexandra, REV-Miami

Laney Jones and the Lively Spirits

Laney Jones is a brilliant performer with an enchanting voice and vivacious spunk, masterfully crafting songs with musical roots in classic blues and bluegrass. Laney's soaring vocal melodies and clever lyrical charms are lost on no listener, and her uncanny presence makes her at home on stage everywhere, from campfire folk gatherings to massive stages to screens of all sizes.

The Actomatics

Traipsing over from the Sunshine State come The Actomatics and their blend of roots & rock. The quintet looks over their shoulder with a subtle respect for soul, psyche, noise and literature while well aware of the current. Oh sure they know how to find the pocket but it's the occasional sonic excursion that keeps them on the alternative side of twang. Elevate your ears, give The Actomatics a listen or better yet come to a live show.


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"Jam Out with your Clam Out"

Friday, June 21 · 8:00 PM at Will's Pub

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