Mike Kijanski

Mike Kijanski

Mike Kijanski is an independent Hip Hop/Alternative recording artist originally form Cleveland,OH. Not only is he an artist but you will also find him producing a majority of his own records as well. With every song he is apart of you will hear something refreshing and inspiring covering topics from life experinces to songs that make you want to get up and dance all while keeping it REAL.

Being REAL simply means not being affraid of being yourself and sticking to what you believe in no matter the situation. It means always trying to do the right thing. It means that where you lack in talent you make up for it with hard work. It means that no matter how many times you get knocked down you will never stay down. Failure is not an option. You are not affraid to be different. You will not accept anything but the best from those around you. You are focused, driven and ready to take on anything life throws at you. If thats you then your..
Real From Day One.

He also is part of "The FEW" which consits of him and fellow artist/producer Jesty Beatz. Mike also took the roll as Jesty Beatz's tour DJ/hypeman while they completed a 3 year long tour throughout the midwest.

Look for a lot more coming from Mike in the future including new music, tv/film, clothing lines and whatever else comes his way!! But just know that whatever Mike is involved in he puts 110% into!

You Know Its REAL FROM DAY ONE right?!?!


Bree Harlow

Singer Bree Harlow’s sultry performance of the song “Missing You” demonstrates the artist’s commitment to her craft. Here, Harlow delivers the song a cappella, creating a haunting air of sadness and longing for the lover she has left behind.

Harlow has always aimed to deliver performances indicative of great singers such as Connie Francis and Rosemary Clooney. She cites great soul singers such as Al Green and Marvin Gay as prime influences, with this performance as strong evidence of that adoration. It is not always easy for a singer as young as Harlow to muster up the heartache and pain needed to make a song like “Missing You” sound as it should. The fact that she can do this while working on her first EP makes the performance all the more special.

Harlow has also stated her adoration for the lyrical styling of Iggy Pop, and some of that influence is evident with “Missing You”. On classics such as “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” Pop showcases a moan of deep longing and regret that resonates with Harlow’s performance. It takes years of practice and dedication to develop such as style, but Harlow has been able to master this in just a short time.

Harlow’s EP is set to be released from Archstone Productions. She will broaden her musical scope on this release, adding in talents of such artists as Frank Agnew of the band Adolescents. Agnew will be playing guitar as Harlow offers a cover of “Paint It Black” by The Rolling Stones.

As a musical performer, Harlow adheres to the stance that the tone of the song is the key, as the ability to create a mood and elicit an emotional reaction is what bonds an artist to the audience. With the help of her father, Harlow is able to keep the structure of the song in tact, thereby creating a perfect performance on “Missing You,” with a delivery that completely immerses the listener in the story that singer is trying to tell while still offering a musically sound composition. It all points to the great potential and bright future of Bree Harlow.

Katie Dayton

Katie Dayton is a singer/songwriter residing in Nashville, Tennessee. At a young age Katie began performing her favorite cover songs of popular country and pop artists for her friends and family. After learning to play the guitar, Katie began to write her own music and perform her songs in front of larger audiences. In July 2012, while still in high school, Katie Dayton was signed to Arcadian Records and released her first self-titled Ep. She is currently working on her first full-length album, which will be released in the fall of this year.

For more information about Katie Dayton, you can follow her on Twitter @katiedayton.

Dylan Starrs

Dylan Starrs was born in Dallas, TX and since 2005 has travelled, lived, played, written, and sung his way from San Diego, to New York, to Chicago, to Dublin, to Denver, to Austin, and now calls Santa Monica home. His songs and his voice reflect the ups, downs, lefts, rights, spoils, and toils of his travelling. The music is ingrained with a distinct and modern take on Folk music heavily influenced by a variety of songwriters including Townes Van Zandt, Van Morrison, James McMurtry, Ray Davies, Harry Nilson, Tom Waits, Jeff Tweedy, Glen Hansard, Tom Ze, Carole King, all members of The Band, Randy Newman, Joe Ely, Lyle Lovett, Richie Havens, and of course his namesake Bob Dylan. He has been recognized for his songwriting as a finalist for ASCAP's Robert Allen Songwriting Award and a semi-finalist for NPR's New Song Mountain Stage Songwriting Contest. Dylan's music has been featured on the Golf Channel, and CBS News 980 LA. He is currently working on his first full length LP tentatively titled "Red Flags and White Flags." Look for a Kickstarter campaign to be busking to a computer near you come July 2012, and his website to be back up and operational July 5. Currently you can find his music on this Facebook page, myspace.com/dylanstarrs, his EP the "The Terribyl 22's" is available on iTunes, and new songs are posted to his youtube channel at youtube.com/dylanstarrsmusic.



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