Steve Gregory Band

Steve Gregory Band

Soul/Pop Rock. Big choruses. Big band. Great show. After 5 years of playing live, The Steve Gregory Band has opened for national acts like Lifehouse, Los Lonely Boys, Jeffrey Gaines to name just a few with award-winning songs and radio airplay. 2 discs are available now through most digital outlets with a 3rd in the works.

Fight The Fear

Formed in the summer of 2009 under the name Lakshmi, Fight the Fear has been enjoying a fast-paced ride as they gain popularity in their home state of Connecticut. Their energetic shows captivate audiences while providing the setting for an epic dance party.

"Hartford band [Fight the Fear] earned an opening slot on the [Bon Jovi] show thanks to winning a [96.5 WTIC] radio station battle of the bands and handled their half hour set like they were used to playing arena stages." -Donnie Moorhouse, The Republican

You go from winning Best New Band one year to nabbing Best Rock Band the next. Simple, right?

"To be honest, we had no expectations about winning last year, so we thought it was almost a fluke," said Mike Forgette, guitarist and singer for the Newington-area prog-rock titans 1974. "We thought we had our five minutes of fame. To be nominated [this year] amazed every single member of the band."

What started as a lark — a bunch of musicians getting together once a week to write songs and geek out over complicated story lines — has turned into much more. "It wasn't very public," Forgette said. "We were friends before we were band mates." 1974 now has a full-length album, 1974 & The Battle For the Lazer Fortress, and two 5-song EPs: The Return and A Soldier's Tale. It's theatrical and conceptual rock, and much of it is woven together through character development, back-story, exposition and so on. And guitars.

Their next full-length album, 1974 & The Dearth of The Herald, drops in October. They've already booked Arch Street Tavern for a Halloween throwdown with Little Ugly and Shag Frenzy.

"We want to get as much exposure and reach people who like it, but we don't want to sacrifice the fact that we started this band because we wanted to," Forgette said. "Sometimes we want to just take a step back and keep it fun. As soon as it starts feeling like work, that's when we want to stop." —Michael Hamad

Darian Cunning

It's in his music....listen to the songs and you realize that his influences may seem polar, they are in fact undiluted, the resultant mixture is pure and all his own. ... the Police, Santana, Bob Marley, and James Taylor were dovetailed with Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers to Ravel and Tchaikovsky.

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Steve Gregory Band with Fight The Fear, 1974, Darian Cunning

Saturday, August 10 · Doors 9:00 PM / Show 10:00 PM at Arch Street Tavern