Jeff Litman

It was said by one of my more eloquent fans that my music "combines the gritty Americana of Tom Petty, the harmonic savvy of Elvis Costello, and the undiluted melodicism of Paul Westerberg." I'll take that.

I'm Jeff Litman—a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist in New York City.. My second album, Outside, will be released on February 7th, 2012.
Outside is about my search for a place in the world—professionally, romantically, artistically. Where my first record, Postscript, is mired in the grief of a recently ended relationship, Outside is set in its slightly jaded, somewhat wiser, but still uncertain aftermath; it grapples with the question of what happens next and takes on the struggles that accompany life as an independent artist. It was recorded throughout 2011 in
Minneapolis and New York. I co-produced the album with my old friend, Andy Thompson (who has worked with Dan Wilson, Andy Sturmer, Jeremy Messersmith). I also had the pleasure of recording with two early
heroes of mine: drummer Michael Bland (Prince, Paul Westerberg, Soul Asylum) and Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. (Jellyfish, Beck, Air), who sings and plays keyboards on the title track. The record is filled out with the performances of a bunch of talented NYC-based artists and friends including Bryan Dunn, Maddy Wyatt, Shanna Zell, and Emily Zuzik.

Paul Maddison

guitarist. singer. songer. rager.

Bryan Dunn

Bryan Dunn has been performing both solo and in bands in Austin, Tx. and NYC since 1993. The projects have ranged from straightforward rock groups to Irish folk songs and ultimately to Bryan Dunn and the Convenients which combine all the myriad influences into one glorious rock and roll mess. His uncle, who toured in a rock band when he was younger, first taught him how to play guitar when he was 14, and since then, he's been playing and writing songs whether or not anybody was around to listen to them. He devoured 60s rock in high school, especially the Beatles, but after moving to Austin for college, he started listening to anything available in the eclectic music scene there. After moving to NYC and having some success as the front man for Simple Thing and the guitarist for Maggie Kim, he struck out on his own, put together the basic lineup for the Convenients, and plays frequent shows both solo and with the band around the city.

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