FREE SHOW! The Janks, King Washington, The Herbert Bail Orchestra, The Lucky Lonely, $2 Well Drinks/PBR + $5 speciality cocktails 6-9pm

The Janks

In the upcoming EP, Meet The Janks, Los Angeles based rock group THE JANKS made it their mission to produce music in the same way they live their lives, with both sincerity and irreverence, strength and vulnerability, with control and chaos. Their sound is deeply rooted in the brotherly two part harmony tradition of the Kinks and the Everly Brothers while invoking the musical stylings reminiscent of bands like the Raconteurs and Jeff Buckley. The way KROQ describes it, “Imagine Jack White had a baby withJimmy Page. And that baby had a brother. And those brothers were adopted and raised by a commune of KROQ Local’s Only favorites like Father John Misty and Family of the Year. That’s a smattering of the sensibilities and stylings you get in The Janks.”
Though the group has gone through various incarnations, Zachary Zmed (Vocals, Guitar) has remained the one constant. In 2010, he was joined by his brother Dylan Zmed (Vocals, Mandolin) releasing their second record Hands of Time. Along with touring both coasts, songs 'Demon Dance' and 'Rat Racers' have been featured on MTV's Real World Portland. In early 2012, the 'Brothers Zmed' were joined by Paul Kilmister (Bass, Production) and Leon LeDoux (Drums) affirming the bands mission. Since then, THE JANKS have played more than 250 shows including a West Coast tour, performing at the Troubadour, a residency at the Bootleg Theater and an upcoming residency at the Satellite. LA Music Blog notes, “Their charisma and unapologetic joy for playing music comes through in full force during their shows.” THE JANKS were also honored to be the backing band at LACMA for Billy Steinberg (Like a Virgin, True Colors), Rick Knowles (White Flag, Heaven is a Place On Earth) and JoJo (Too Little, Too Late).
Meet The Janks will be released in August at their Satellite residency. Recorded in the same room at the same time, the EP captures the same atmosphere developed over their time together playing live shows. Following the release of Meet The Janks, the JANKS will continue to write and record new music with plans to find management and to pursue touring opportunities at the conclusion of the August Residency at the Satellite.

King Washington

It would be easy to slip into editorial clichés about "bringing back" a certain sound and making it "all their own," but the connection an audience can tie between what they will hear and what they can feel deserves better than that. It was a matter of seconds into my first time experiencing King Washington's music before I knew I had found something I hadn't been exposed to ever before, and I still remember that moment. Clearly. You get the feeling that there isn't a note, lyric or change that isn't in it's perfect place. It's just familiar enough to where you will feel comfortable that you're not being left behind while the song tells secrets, but always unexpected enough to where you won't see it coming. That, my friend, is a delicate balance. And KW stands tall along the precipice. -Lucas Salazar

The Herbert Bail Orchestra

Herbert Bail creates musical narratives that are epic tales. Taking the listener on a journey through the dark heart of the American West, emerging with a silver lining of hope and optimism. With member's hailing from all over different parts of the US, Herbert Bail is a collective alter ego for a band of dreamers and schemers now based out of Los Angeles. Herbert Bail’s first self-titled EP was released in November of 2011, and the full length album "The Future's in the Past" was released on December, 21 2012. The new album traverses from the cryptic shadows of “Holy Smokes” to the Western infused ballad portrayed in “The Nature of Things." The Herbert Bail Orchestra has earned notable attention with features on KXLU radio, KTLA TV, Good Morning LA, AXS TV, and was recently featured in BuzzBandsLA and was Filter Magazine’s Featured Band of the Month for February 2013.

The Lucky Lonely

Southern California's The Lucky Lonely is a new band, born out of a deep friendship between Warren Ellison, David Bennett and Michael Bedard. Formed in the summer of 2010, the band has been hard at work writing & performing, and with every step they take it seems the planets continue to align for these guys.

Since their inception, they've launched and ran a successful funding campaign using Kickstarter, which allowed them to complete their self-titled EP. Their first club gig in LA garnered so much attention that before they awoke the next morning, there were emails waiting in their inbox from the heads of A&R at Atlantic and Capitol/Virgin Records.

The different influences and experiences that have shaped this trio are all felt in their music. It's that same feeling that makes a kid want to pick up an instrument and rock. As fresh as they are familiar, The Lucky Lonely are irresistible.


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FREE SHOW! The Janks, King Washington, The Herbert Bail Orchestra, The Lucky Lonely, $2 Well Drinks/PBR + $5 speciality cocktails 6-9pm

Monday, August 5 · Doors 8:30 PM / Show 9:00 PM at The Satellite