FREE SHOW! Last American Buffalo, The Vim Dicta, C O L O R, Trevor Menear, $2 Well Drinks/PBR + $5 speciality cocktails from 6-9pm

Last American Buffalo

Los Angeles based Rock'n"Roll group Last American Buffalo was originally founded by lead singer Kevin Compton. In 2011 he joined with multi-instrumentalist Josh Grolemund and Bassist Vic Artur. Together with Grammy nominated producer Billy Mohler they released several EP's and singles. In the fall of 2012 they released "Here She Comes" their most Rock'n'Roll inspired effort to date, and their first self produced work.
Around that same time Kevin began collaborating with singer/guitarist Bryce Wayt of the GT350's, who then officially joined the band as an additional songwriter and frontman, a la Joe Walsh. Drawing inspiration from Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker to Tom Petty, Neil Young, Led Zeppelin (and a little AC/DC for good measure), they took to the studio to write and record their first full length Album, scheduled to be released in July 2013.
"Sometimes we forget where we came from, and in an era of manufactured music, Last American Buffalo reminds us that it's the bluesy chords, the groovy beats, and the rebel poetry that are the ingredients to organic rock & roll."
Jamie Harvey -

"The least punk band that I like the most"
Eric Melvin - NOFX

The Vim Dicta

Kevin Bronson has this to say about LA's The Vim Dicta. “There may be no rock ’n’ roll configuration more exhausted creatively than the power trio. Belters and shredders come and go, substituting bombast for vitality and technical showmanship for true musical dialogue. Which brings me to young L.A. trio the Vim Dicta, who have succumbed to none of the perils of cliché.”- See more below and at:

Trevor Menear


C O L O R is the musical project of Los Angeles native Nelson London.

Growing up playing in a variety of local bands, London drew from his experience performing live in the downtown warehouse scene. The resulting sound of C O L O R is composed of wide spectrum of digital production, vintage synths and virtual instruments, seamlessly interwoven with live performance. London's goal is to push the boundaries of sonic experimentation while maintaining a cohesive focus on melody + musicality. The debut EP from C O L O R will be released in Fall 2012.


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FREE SHOW! Last American Buffalo, The Vim Dicta, C O L O R, Trevor Menear, $2 Well Drinks/PBR + $5 speciality cocktails from 6-9pm

Monday, July 15 · Doors 8:30 PM / Show 9:00 PM at The Satellite