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Last American Buffalo

Los Angeles based Rock'n"Roll group Last American Buffalo was originally founded by lead singer Kevin Compton. In 2011 he joined with multi-instrumentalist Josh Grolemund and Bassist Vic Artur. Together with Grammy nominated producer Billy Mohler they released several EP's and singles. In the fall of 2012 they released "Here She Comes" their most Rock'n'Roll inspired effort to date, and their first self produced work.
Around that same time Kevin began collaborating with singer/guitarist Bryce Wayt of the GT350's, who then officially joined the band as an additional songwriter and frontman, a la Joe Walsh. Drawing inspiration from Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker to Tom Petty, Neil Young, Led Zeppelin (and a little AC/DC for good measure), they took to the studio to write and record their first full length Album, scheduled to be released in July 2013.
"Sometimes we forget where we came from, and in an era of manufactured music, Last American Buffalo reminds us that it's the bluesy chords, the groovy beats, and the rebel poetry that are the ingredients to organic rock & roll."
Jamie Harvey -

"The least punk band that I like the most"
Eric Melvin - NOFX

Shane Alexander

Through relentless touring and a consistent battery of television features, L.A.-based indie Shane Alexander’s songs have reached millions of listeners worldwide since his debut in 2005. This April, he’ll release Ladera - his fifth full-length album.

On the new record, themes of nostalgia, coming-of-age, and spirituality are intertwined against a sonic backdrop that feels both modern and classic at the same time. Alexander’s blend of folk, pop, and psychedelia calls to mind the subtle beauty of Simon & Garfunkel’s Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme and Pink Floyd’s Meddle, as well as contemporary classics like Beck’s Sea Change. The fourth collaboration with Grammy-nominated producer Billy Mohler (Lenka, Drowning Men, Gustavo Galindo), the new project highlights both Alexander’s inventive approaches to the acoustic guitar and his pristine, melancholic tenor. While Alexander and Mohler performed the majority of the instruments on Ladera, Peter Adams (Ricki Lee Jones, Michael Penn, Tears for Fears) contributed additional keyboards and ambient textures, and Jesse Siebenberg (Lissie, A Fine Frenzy, Supertramp) added the lush lap steel that ties the album together.

The lyrics on Ladera pick up where 2010’s Mono Solo left off - unapologetic in their honesty, with an ability to leave the listener contemplating their own life’s story and shortcomings. The album’s opener “One So Young,” an ode to the deep chasm between teenage angst and becoming what is expected of us, paints a picture of a young man “trying (his) best to move through the night and walking the line of darkness and light.” In “Low,” a song about a near-fatal overdose of a close friend, the jagged lyrics go straight for the jugular, while a tense kick drum drives the point home. The sublime hometown tribute “Skyway Drive-In” depicts a vivid portrait of the Pennsylvania town where Alexander grew up -“We had small town in our my bloodstreams, wild horses in our hearts...and no one knows you like those from your start.”

Since The Middle Way (2005), Alexander has toured the U.S. constantly and Europe over a dozen times. Having been fortunate enough to land many major tours with as disparate acts as Seal, Bon Iver, Suzanne Vega, Jewel, Yes and Styx - Alexander has performed on many of the most legendary stages in the world: Red Rocks, The Greek Theatre, Bethel Woods, Jones Beach Amphitheater, and The Paradiso in Amsterdam. Songs from his impressive catalog have been licensed for over 80 television shows and films.

In 2012 The Greater Good, a self-titled acoustic album featuring Shane Alexander, Dutch-artist Dennis Kolen, and New Yorker Eugene Ruffolo, was released on the German label Stockfisch Records. The debut record and subsequent tour received rave reviews across western Europe with the single “Nowhere Fast” (written by Alexander and Jeremy Silver) helping lead the way. Also in 2012, Alexander partnered with Tony Award-nominated director Larry Carpenter to begin work on a new musical - written by Carpenter with songs penned by Alexander. The project is currently in pre-production in Los Angeles.

Following the release of Ladera in spring 2013, Shane Alexander will tour the U.S. and Europe.

Midday Parade


SanguinDrake was conceived in Spring 2010 shortly after David Drake and Sarah Sanguin Carter crossed paths navigating their own ways through the Los Angeles music scene. Each having produced solo albums prior their partnership (David Drake's 'Hallows' and Sarah Sanguin Carter's 'Before Three') both brought a thoroughly distinct expression and uniquely developed repertoire to create what has become the SanguinDrake sound. Combining his masculine, sincere vocal quality and capacity to compose complicated yet tender musical arrangements, with her feminine, ethereal and edgier artistic tendencies, makes for their hauntingly balanced blend of paradoxes. Not without a sense of humor, their music seduces you into a dream state while their lyrics open your mind to natural law and the ironic simplicity of life. There was undeniable chemistry the moment they played, but it was when they realized they were born a day apart, he on Halloween and she on Devil's night, the calling became clear and SanguinDrake was born.


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FREE SHOW! Last American Buffalo, Shane Alexander, Midday Parade, SanguinDrake, $2 Well Drinks/PBR + $5 speciality cocktails 6-9pm

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