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The Janks

In the upcoming EP, Meet The Janks, Los Angeles based rock group THE JANKS made it their mission to produce music in the same way they live their lives, with both sincerity and irreverence, strength and vulnerability, with control and chaos. Their sound is deeply rooted in the brotherly two part harmony tradition of the Kinks and the Everly Brothers while invoking the musical stylings reminiscent of bands like the Raconteurs and Jeff Buckley. The way KROQ describes it, “Imagine Jack White had a baby withJimmy Page. And that baby had a brother. And those brothers were adopted and raised by a commune of KROQ Local’s Only favorites like Father John Misty and Family of the Year. That’s a smattering of the sensibilities and stylings you get in The Janks.”
Though the group has gone through various incarnations, Zachary Zmed (Vocals, Guitar) has remained the one constant. In 2010, he was joined by his brother Dylan Zmed (Vocals, Mandolin) releasing their second record Hands of Time. Along with touring both coasts, songs 'Demon Dance' and 'Rat Racers' have been featured on MTV's Real World Portland. In early 2012, the 'Brothers Zmed' were joined by Paul Kilmister (Bass, Production) and Leon LeDoux (Drums) affirming the bands mission. Since then, THE JANKS have played more than 250 shows including a West Coast tour, performing at the Troubadour, a residency at the Bootleg Theater and an upcoming residency at the Satellite. LA Music Blog notes, “Their charisma and unapologetic joy for playing music comes through in full force during their shows.” THE JANKS were also honored to be the backing band at LACMA for Billy Steinberg (Like a Virgin, True Colors), Rick Knowles (White Flag, Heaven is a Place On Earth) and JoJo (Too Little, Too Late).
Meet The Janks will be released in August at their Satellite residency. Recorded in the same room at the same time, the EP captures the same atmosphere developed over their time together playing live shows. Following the release of Meet The Janks, the JANKS will continue to write and record new music with plans to find management and to pursue touring opportunities at the conclusion of the August Residency at the Satellite.

The Diamond Light

Los Angeles based rock 'n' soul band The Diamond Light formed over long summers and weekly blues jams back in rural New Hampshire. Singer and guitarist Griffin Young began writing songs with drummer Ian Ochs almost ten years ago in Ian's father's band. Playing together in bars with their parents throughout high school, they eventually paired up with guitarist/vocalist Brian Stanley to form the f
inal incarnation of The Diamond Light. In 2007, the band began to make their way West, with all of the members eventually landing in Southern California.

After two years of writing and playing around LA, they released an EP entitled Krotona in the summer of 2009. Named after the monastery-turned-apartment complex Griffin and Brian called home, the EP was produced by neighbor-turned-mentor John Chelew (The Blind Boys of Alabama) at Pacifica Studios in Culver City, CA. 2010 saw the release of the energetic, blues-rock driven EP Seeds in the Street, followed by extensive dates around Los Angeles and the Pacific Northwest. Their electric live performances have been fueling a rapidly growing fan base.

In 2012, The Diamond Light teamed up with multi-instrumentalist/singer Trevor Menear and began writing material for a full length record. Returning producer Joseph Holiday (Seeds in the Street), and new friend/recording guru Niko Bolas (Neil Young, My Morning Jacket) helped transform their Laurel Canyon rehearsal space into a fully operational recording studio. The resulting 12 songs to emerge from 2 months of writing and documenting in seclusion will form The Diamond Light's debut, full-length record due in late September.

P L a N E T S

The band underneath your bed, P L a N E T S, are a tricksy bunch. From their 4D performances smashed full of choreo-punk witch dancers, ghostly beasts and shadowy puppetry, to their haunted trip of a debut album; this band born in the woods and raised in Alhambra, CA smolders and burns.

Vibrating along with modern day musical auteurs such as Fever Ray and echoing ambitious rock acts like The Who, while drawing inspiration from the twisty television dramas Twin Peaks and The Twilight Zone, P L a N E T S will tangle you up in some sort of war dance in the woods where nothing is sacred except sweat, blood and the pursuit of darkness.

"Live, the 20 or so members make darkly compelling psych rock reminiscent of 'Red Right Hand'-era Nick Cave." --LA WEEKLY

“The garage band rowdiness of Iggy Pop or The Ramones with the theatricality of early Genesis, when Peter Gabriel fronted the band costumed as Magog or The Slipperman.” --EXAMINER

“P L a N E T S comprehensive and astounding number of artistic mediums created a show to enthrall all the senses. From 'Thriller'-esque dancers crawling up on the stage to dramatic werewolf theatrics, they put on the show of the night.” -KSPC

You won’t get any puffed out chests from the members of Infantree. They have kept their band uniquely frontless, like some sort quasi-communist-prankster collective. By eschewing ego, the four friends who make up Infantree have learned to work as an ever-evolving creative unit - thereby elevating their sound. Infantree is a young band whose very nature is elusive and enigmatic.

The music is equally hard to pin down – ragged rock guitar and electric rocking chair drum beats are balanced against traditional banjo melodies. Some compositions, like the instantly hummable “Speak Up”, bounce joyfully around your brain, while darker songs like “Hypo” and “Slaughter House” dip into unsettling territory.

Whatever form of blood-brother voodoo they’ve tapped into, the bond has allowed Infantree to exchange influential music for the listener to enjoy. Their music gives a voyeuristic glimpse into the world of four friends whose creativity is obviously rooted in their shared musical trust. The music swoons and squawks, drags and thumps, and most importantly, helps you dream of something brand new.


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FREE SHOW! The Janks, P L a N E T S, The Diamond Light, Infantree, $2 Well Drinks/PBR + $5 specialty cocktails from 6-9pm

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