Jahnopa is a congregation of soulful youths who all happen to own instruments. We are a Ska/Punk band, influenced by various other genres such as Jazz and Reggae. Jahnopa consists of 4 members, however we frequently invite guest artists to perform onstage with us.

Oklahoma Stackhouse

Aside from Mr. David Grohl, Oklahoma Stackhouse are the only living musicians currently playing rock n roll in the United States of America.

The Strange Trip

Started in early 2012 and has had acouple of line up changes. Were now back to three piece and better than ever. Come see the energy and the grooves of the strange trip

No Artificial Flavors

No Artificial Flavors was created by Jason Wright as an acoustic project and gradually progressed into a three piece rock band. With the addition of Jordan Jackson (drums) and Mark Stallings (bass) NAF quickly began writing new songs and rewriting older material. Soon after the band became very close and developed a strong brotherhood, they began taking their music to the stage. Their first performance together was @ A Petrified Forest which was a Halloween
Event bringing in people of all ages by the hundreds. Since then, NAF has been continuously writing and improving their music and found Studio 18. At this point, the band felt they were prepared for a studio recording, which would bring their music to music fans all across Central Florida. The guys were starting to make their moves, having financial arrangements organized for the release of a professional EP. The band was ready to take action when they found out some bad news. Their bass player, Mark Stallings, had an unrecognized drinking problem, therefore, had to explain to the band that he needed rehab...TO BE CONTINUED

After Mark endured rehab,and the band picked up right where they left off.
NAF continued to practice and make sweet music before running into Joe Caulfield. Joe quickly became part of the band playing guitar and singing vocal harmonies that has made the band produce a more elegant / full sound for the band.


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Jahnopa with Oklahoma Stackhouse, The Strange Trip, No Artificial Flavors

Friday, August 2 · 8:00 PM at The Social

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