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Stretch Armstrong

Stretch Armstrong is a New York-based DJ/Producer with a worldwide reputation. Starting out playing at the now-legendary downtown clubs like Mars, Nell’s, and MK, Stretch earned a reputation as an exciting newcomer that was not afraid to take chances and be original. He gained a popular following playing the latest hip-hop, reggae, and house music, packing dance floors with a seamless, aggressive mix. Though it wasn’t till he landed a time-slot on Columbia University’s WKCR (89.9FM) that things really heated up on a much grander scale. Once a week, beginning in the winter of 1990, the Stretch Armstrong Show broadcasted Stretch’s 4 hour hip-hop mix, which featured new music from New York’s best, as well as a mix of breakbeats, past classics, freestyles, not to mention his irreverent on-air antics with his co-host, Bobbito. This show catapulted Stretch into the spotlight as an important figure in the world of hip-hop, reflected in the many awards and citations he and his show have received. But it was the loyal support of his ever-expanding fan base that really made this show the long-lasting benchmark which it is still considered to this day. The Source Magazine named The Stretch Armstrong Show the best hip-hop mixshow of all time, recognizing the cutting edge, aggressive nature of the show, and its role in breaking such legends as the Notorious BIG, Jay-Z, Nas and Eminem, as well as rap icons Mobb Deep, Brand Nubian, DITC, Big L, Wu-Tang Clan, Busta Rhymes, and many others.

Stretch took his chops to New York’s Hot 97 in 1996, where every Sunday night he exposed his audience to the latest hip-hop, as well as his own brand or irreverent humor. He continues to DJ in clubs all over the world, including such places as Tokyo, Osaka, Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm, London, Miami, Los Angeles, Toronto, Berlin, Frankfurt, Ibiza, just to name a few.

Stretch has produced records for Lil Kim, Jay-Z, Capone-N-Noreaga, Tragedy Khadafi, Mobb Deep, Eminem, 50 Cent, Ruff Endz, Amel Larriuex and others. He has also made appearances on the Vibe TV show, Conan O’Brien, and MTV. Recently, he provided the music at Kobe Bryant’s Adidas party in Los Angeles, The Tommy Hillfigur Men’s Fashion Show in New York, Eminem’s MTV Awards after party, and most recently, Sade’s after party for her Lover’s Rock tour. He has also music consulted for the film “Boileroom.â€?

In 2001, eager to break free from the hip-hop scene which he had been instrumental in shaping, Stretch started the legendary Monday night at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in NYC, helping to establish the venue as a premier outlet for the worlds top djs. It was not uncommon to see 1,000 to 1,600 people partying to a rarely heard mix of music from the 60’s to the present, but from the perspective of a dj. This night integral in the “opening upâ€? of club music formats in New York City, and subsequently, hip-hop djs started embracing other sounds. Many of the regulars at this night included Todd Terry, DJ Premier, 2 Many Djs, Kenny Dope, Armand Van Helden, Queens of the Stone Age, The Rapture and others.

Staying true to himself, Stretch quit Hot 97 in early 2003 and his been djing and working on his own music. Though he still loves a good hip-hop record, he is not married to one genre, and believes a great dj is one that can cross musical boundaries, old and new.

Soul2 Seoul

Miss Sabado

Farrah Sabado (aka Miss Sabado) is a classically trained pianist, vocalist, and alto sax jazz player.

A bit of a music nerd, she spent her entire upbringing going from rehearsal to recital, band practice to performance.

Growing up in the 90s, she inevitably has a soft spot for hip-hop, soul, and R&B, with a short-lived love affair with punk and new wave.

Her sets and live performances are an accurate reflection of her vast knowledge and appreciation of music in all genres, as well as her extensive training in the classics. She can maneuver between sweet & playful, to deep, melancholic & spacey. She possesses a broad of range of style and tries to color her presentations with as much texture and depth as she can.

A natural, her innate connection and intuition guides her to deliver exactly what the crowd craves at that very moment on the dance floor.

From small intimate spaces to warehouse parties, poolside to mega clubs, Miss Sabado is known to dig deep wherever she plays. She has a unique sensibility of luring the crowd into her dance floor trap and stripping them down to the bare essentials, surrendering to the power of storytelling through sound.

Son of Sound

Mention Henry Maldonado as a contributor to the early New York House scene and the statement is sure to be met with both acknowledgment and inquiry. However a quick Discog search will immediately associate him with his House 2 House, Urban Rhythm, Rhythm Section and various other aliases during House Music's run in the 1990s. Releases on seminal House labels Strictly Rhythm, King Street, Henry Street and MAW Records would set the stage for his current Nu-Disco imprint Speak Recordings. Speak boasts a catalog of releases that includes Nu-disco royalty In Flagranti, Nick Chacona, Michoacan, Drrtyhaze, Stevie Kotey, Dean Meredith and his own Son of Sound releases. His recent pop / nu-disco venture under Native Underground enlists the talents of singer & partner Javi (Javi Silva). Together as Native Underground, the duo creates an aesthetic that's best described as a modernized, pop-disco nod to proto-freestyle and post-disco era song writers such as John Rocca, Chaz Jenkal, Arthur Baker, Peter Brown, John Robbie, Tee Scott and others. Native Undergound's first EP entitled 'Till It Hurts was released in late 2010 on Roy Dank's The Wurst Music Co., and continues to break ground, setting the stage for more quality releases from this seasoned veteran of dance-floor music.


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