The Dictators NYC

The Dictators NYC

"The DICTATORS!, THE DICTATORS! THE DICTATORS! Where are they?...When are they playing?...When are they coming to MY hometown??"


Fans from all over the United States and all Rock and Roll loving countries have been asking for years, DEMANDING, "WE WANT THE DICTATORS!"

The demand was NOT being met.

And then, one day, 3 guys from THE DICTATORS, the lead singer, Handsome Dick Manitoba, the lead guitar player, Ross The Boss, and the drummer, JP "Thunderbolt" Patterson, decided to meet THE DEMAND. They wanted to answer the call. They thought this music, that meant so much to so many, should not be put to rest.

So they went out and got the best, most fun bass player they knew, a man by the name of Dean "The Dream" Rispler, and they added a guitar player with a great punk rock pedigree, a man who wrote songs with and produced albums by THE RAMONES. That man was Daniel Rey.

The Dictators were complete.

Except for one thing....

Since it wasn't the totally original line up the band felt obliged, historically and as a courtesy to members who either couldn't or didn't want to play, to have a slight differentiation name wise between the first wave and the latest incarnation of THE DICTATORS.





Angry Samoans

Angry Samoans TODAY
Do the Angry Samoans still exist? Well, sort of--which is the same status as always.

The Samoans have been gigging again since Spring 1996. In 2007 they did a whirlwind tour of Germany... California towns covered include Gilman St./Berekeley, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Petaluma, Sacramento, Sonoma, Gilroy, Davis, San Jose, San Diego, Corona/Riverside County, and San Joaquin Valley towns Manteca, Oakhurst, and Sonora.

The present lineup of the Samoans:

Mike Saunders: Guitar, Vocals
Bill Vockeroth: Drums, Vocals
Kevin Joseph: Guitar, Vocals
Matt "Malice" Vicknair: Bass Guitar

"Sounds like The Red Hot Chili Peppers with a Mr. Bungle Enema...this shit is hilarious..." - Metal Maniacs Magazine

The Jetbirds


I Love Rich

ur Latest Album:..Year of the Rich available from... .. ....Best Buy .... .... ..Sam Goody .... ..Sonic Wave International - our label .... ..Or download it from... .. ....Yahoo Music .... ..iTunes .... ..Rhapsody.... ..eMusic.... My name is RICH. I sing in the best rock and roll band in the world. You can check out our real webpage here - .. There's a couple places where I think hip- hop has it over rock. Both are lyrical areas and they involve boasting and feuding. Not since Skynrd called out Neil Young in the hot summer of 1914 has there been a case (that I know of) where one band pisses on another by name. It happens in hip-hop every day, in fact I'm certain it's happening as I write this. A piece and/or grill is getting all got up in while lyrics are being scribbled on a pack of Newports for an answer song. Or Parliaments, it could be Parliaments. Or whatever. Anyway, I think it's high time someone started doing this, unfortunately it's not our friend Rich. Of the band I Love Rich. He does however boast, a lot. I mean I haven't seen boasting like this since I passed the GED test (the second time). He's the king of rock'n'roll, all the ladies want his jock, King Kong ain't got shit on him and on and on. The twist here is Rich is not really Rolling Stone magazine cover material. He has sort of… an everyman look about him. If everyman had a giant head, red hair and wore airbrushed t-shirts of themselves. When I first looked over his latest CD Year of the Rich, I really didn't know what to make of it. It seemed like a joke, but the fucking joke was on me because Rich totally kicked my ass.The opener, I'm the King of Rock'n'Roll, sounds like a lost KISS song, and is delivered with so much conviction you almost do believe he IS the king of rock'n'roll. Then you remember Dio and you're like….no, but for 40 seconds or so… Other standouts include the title cut and What Every Woman Wants, which happens, incidentally, to be Rich. On the track Turning Me On, Rich makes it clear it's not actually the chick that's floating his boat, it's the fact that she's singing his songs to him. There is a theme at work here. The disc is full of great recycled AC/DC riffs and the guitar playing (handled by Chuck E.Sleeze and Full Throttle) is fucking killer. Like almost every tune I'm like…damn…that's a fucking cool riff, I'm stealing that. I say it out loud just like that and my dad (who lives with me) yells/asks me from the living room who I'm talking to, and I tell him like (all crazy) 'I'm trying to make my lunch!!" and then he goes back to watching Sports Center. Now, Rich is not really the best singer and the songs do tend to all sort of sound the same but in this case, it's not a bad thing really. The Ramones and AC/DC always sound the same and I can't complain about them. So be it, 2006 is Year of the Rich. Here's hoping next year is the year of raining beer and money sandwiches . Hold the bread on mine.



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The Dictators NYC with Angry Samoans, Downtown Brown, The Jetbirds, Last False Hope, I Love Rich

Sunday, September 8 · 7:00 PM at Reggies Rock Club