Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberly made Something, their sophomore record, over 18 months between the back of an antique store in Brooklyn and the basement of a family home in Streatham, London. The world and characters of Something, slowly emerged- overtones of manic revenge contrast with a dark brooding guilt ("Sidewalk Safari", "Amanaemonesia", "Take it out on Me", "Guilty as Charged"); pastoral, almost psychedelic love meets its own inevitable, blue future ("Met Before", "Frigid Spring", "Turning", "Cool as a Fire"). In contrast to Chairlift's debut album's Does you Inspire You pop-dreamscape, created in the dark, after school and work, the band uncovered the songs on Something in the daytime, drinking coffee. Producer Dan Carey's studio is part of the world of Something, full of giant plate-reverb boxes, mint green reel-to-reels salvaged from dismantled BBC studios, plastic human heads which are used to record and simulate the listeners location in approximation to the sound. The head was sitting in the back seat of Carey's car, a microphone on each ear, while Caroline drove, screaming the "I'm gonna hunt you down… I'm gonna run you down" lyric of "Sidewalk Safari". Perhaps this incident lends itself to the fact that Something recalls the anthemic driving albums of the mid-90's (Weezer's 'Blue' album comes to mind). Larry Fitzmaurice (Pitchfork) says that "...Chairlift go for 'big' – like, really big – and succeed on every level".

Née is the brainchild of charismatic front-woman Kristin Dennis. Combined with drummer Mic Boshans and multi-instrumentalist David Beeman, the band blends pop hooks with dusty church organs, hand-claps with heartbreaks while spinning tales of whisky nights and mornings after with a deft and compelling lyricism.

Beginning as a bedroom project for Dennis, the first EP, The Hands of Thieves, arrived as a product of mysterious destiny. Now with the backing of a band and full instrumentation at their disposal, Née's newest release, Finches (02/01/13), is louder, bolder, blending pop hooks with distorted guitars and driving beats. Much dancing.

Née is currently in the process of completing Née's follow up EP to be released in the spring of 2012 on 10" vinyl. The band is currently pursuing larger-scale opportunities, but plans to forge ahead with the next release via the wave of support and interest generated by The Hands of Thieves.



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