The ProForms

This Indianapolis based Hip Hop group is comprised of four individuals that formed by some quirk. Joe Harvey (Twilight Sentinels, Sektion 31), Skittz (Break Down Kings, Mudkids), A.C.E.O.N.E. (Break Down Kings, St. Recon, Dead Man Switch) and DJ Spoolz (Dirty 30) come from totally different backgrounds but find a camaraderie and solace in their love of music. Now being from Indiana has never given them an advantage of any sort unless you consider an unwavering respect and determination to further the educational and artistic aspects of Hip Hop music an advantage. So upon first initial listen it's quite easy to label them as being influenced by the "Golden Era" and that would be a safe assumption but, that would only scratch the surface of what makes
The Proforms sound. Also they've had the pleasure of sharing the stage with such notable artist as Red and Meth, Das Efx, Planet Asia and Del the Funkee Homosapien to name a few. In conclusion instead of just rambling on about how good they are (not mentioning their individual accomplishments) please, just listen to the music because when it comes down to it that's what it's all about…the music.

Kool's Bazaar

Kool’s Bazaar (Kb) is the brainchild of young musical visionary, Richard Trotman and was formed in June of ’09. Kb is an extension of the jazz/fusion semi-cover band, Acoustic Red and was created out of a need for Trotman to exercise his musical freedom and break away from the constraints and limitations of solely instrumental music. As a creative artistic collective, Kb plays original, stylized fusion music with influences from jazz, blues, neo-soul, hip hop, trip hop, electronica, & acid jazz.

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