Fault Lines

Fault Lines

Formed by two Portland natives, a transplant from southern Oregon and a British expat, Fault Lines is one of the most distinctive bands to hit the city's music scene in recent years. Their punchy garage-pop is reminiscent of Portland predecessors Sleater-Kinney and Sweden's Hives, with traces of Jack White and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Their debut album, Tapes & Wires, was recorded in October 2012 at Jackpot! Recording Studios by Larry Crane, who invited the band to work with him after seeing them play at a local venue. It demands the listener's attention from the first fuzzed-out guitar riff to the last winsome harmony. It captures the energy and fervor of their live shows while showcasing their ability to skillfully craft catchy pop songs with deep hooks you can't shake.

“One day I went to Mississippi Studios and the opening band came out and blew my mind. I forced a mutual friend to introduce me and then forced the band to record an album with me. I love how it came out.” - Larry Crane, Tape Op Magazine

Fault Lines will be playing a limited number of shows throughout the Northwest in advance of their official Tapes and Wires release party, scheduled for June 28, 2013 at the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, Oregon. Stay tuned at wearefaultlines.com.

Boat's history is a long and illustrious journey. One that is not easily described here. It began with a young man and a dream. Then this dream became a reality. And this reality became so very real that Boat decided to leave their homes and play all kinds of shows.

Sounds Like:
Reptile boy vocals being sung in the same room with many guitars, a bass, two drumsets, a Wurlitzer, several keyboards, mediocre talent, fragile egos, some soft tacos, a piece of pizza, and several Diet Cokes.

Future Historians

Future Historians opened the show with songs from their new effort, If You Slip Into the Fog. The group plowed through its set of folksy, rootsy pop gems like old pros, offering a mastery of the material while showing that underneath the group's mellow exterior lurks a monster. That's thanks to frontman Dave Shur—also of bubbly pop trio the Crosswalks—whose keen ear for melody and intricate verbosity is the band's strongest merit. Drifting over plucky banjo and slide guitar, Shur's is the kind of songwriting that instantly lodges in the brain like a bur. Even on somber songs, there is a sense of delight and childlike wonder to his bounding wordplay that comes full circle on tracks like “Good Life,” which hides giddy themes of sex tapes and rock tours, and the aptly named “Ooh Ooh,” with its bouncing sing-along onomatopoetics. Even on a cover of Neil Young's “L.A.,” the Historians managed to sound like something wholly original and thrilling, a combination of easy-to-swollow pop, roots Americana, and the poetic edge of the most traveled folk heroes gone slightly batty. - AP KRYZA



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Doug Fir Lounge


Fault Lines with BOAT, Future Historians

Friday, June 28 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at Doug Fir Lounge