Parallels is a synth-pop trio consisting of front-woman and vocalist, Holly Dodson
(2008-present), her brother, drummer, Nick Dodson (2010-present), and pianist/
vocalist Artem Galperine on synthesizers (2010-present).
In 2012, Parallels released their much-anticipated second album, XII on Canadian
imprint, Marigold Productions Limited. Shortly after it’s release, the album reached #5
on Earshot’s National Electronic Charts in Canada, charted on CMJ in the United
States and went into rotation on over 40 college radio stations in the US, and 36 out of
40 college stations in Canada. XII has already clouted praise from trendsetters such as
Fashion Magazine, Daytrotter, AOL Spinner, Filter Magazine, Societe Perrier &
Nylon Magazine. In support of the album, Parallels also embarked on their most
successful tours to date playing renowned events and venues such as POPSCENE in
San Fransisco, California; La Nuit in Los Angeles, California; Hotel Congress in
Tucson Arizona; Fridays at the Vagabond in Miami, Florida; and the Annual
Clematis NYE Street Party in West Palm Beach, Florida – just to name a few.
Parallels recently landed their most lucrative licensing opportunity, when one of their
songs, ‘Dry Blood’ was featured on the soundtrack for 2013 Oscar winning short film
“Curfew”, directed by Shawn Christensen.
Since forming in 2008, Parallels has been inspiring dance parties with their vintage
synth-driven licks and uptempo HI-NRG rhythm patterns likened to acts such as Giorgio
Moroder, New Order and Depeche Mode. In NOW Magazine's 'best of Toronto issue',
Parallels was rated critic's pick for 'best electronic group of 2009', alongside other
"best of" picks such as artists Metric and Drake. Dodson represented Parallels in Flare
Magazine's 30th anniversary issue as one of the 'Hottest names to know in Canadian
Music'. Parallels’ music has been featured multiple times on Much Music’s “Track of
the Day” feature, and their music video for now cult favourite “Ultralight” received heavy
support on “The Wedge”.
Holly Dodson is the daughter of Juno award-winning singer-songwriter, Rich
Dodson, a key member of world-famous Canadian Classic Rock band, The
Stampeders and composer of ‘70’s classic, “Sweet City Woman”.
Parallels began in 2008 when former drummer of Parallels, Cameron Findlay spent
much of his free time while on tour with Crystal Castles, recording demos of what
would later become material for Parallels debut album “Visionaries”. In 2008, Cameron
corresponded with Holly via email, which sparked their co-writing partnership that led to
the completion their first single “Ultralight”. Findlay returned to Toronto at the end of
Crystal Castles’ 2008 tour and turned his main focus to the formation of Parallels.
Dodson and Findlay continued to write more material, releasing “Ultralight” as a part of
a 5-song digital EP on iTunes later that year.
On-stage, they were joined by keyboardist Joey Kehoe (2009-2010) for live
performances and embarked on a brief tour in the US with electronic artist The Juan
Maclean. After a brief stint with the band, Joey decided the music business wasn’t for
him and moved to Los Angeles to join his family.
After Joey’s departure, Cameron and Holly decided it would be an opportune time to
expand their live line-up in order to have more versatility on stage and move Cameron
up to join Holly at the front of the stage on keys and vocoder. They began rehearsing
and collaborating with Holly’s brother, Nick Dodson, who had been assisting in the
production of their single Salome (released digitally in 2011). They also added their
friend Artem Galperine, a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, and award-winning
student in his undergraduate studies at Ryerson University for Radio and Television
arts. By adding a second keyboardist and a new drummer, Holly and Cameron felt
they could become less dependent on backing tracks, and give the audience a stronger
live-electronic experience.
As tour plans for 2011 began to come together, their hopes of expanding their live lineup
fell short due to financial restrictions forcing Holly and Cameron to embark on their
USA tour as a duo. After a whirlwind 22-date tour, Parallels returned home to their
studio, re-joining Nick and Artem, and began making plans for a sophomore release.
During this time, Cameron began to voice his discomfort with the direction the band was
taking. He later expressed his dissatisfaction with the bands financial situation despite
putting much of his time into the project. In the fall of 2011, Cameron decided to take a
break from touring with Parallels to explore new career opportunities that might put him
in a more secure financial position. Although bittersweet, Parallels has come full circle
and will go out, once again, as a trio in support of their sophomore release in the spring
of 2012.
Parallels has shared billing with internationally-recognized bands such as Florence and
the Machine, Sebastien Tellier, Crystal Castles, A-Trak and Broken Social Scene and
remixed "This Momentary" for Delphic's official EP release on Kitsune. In the four years
since their conception, Parallels has toured stages all across North America and
Russia, including famed venues such as The Vagabond (Miami, FL), The Mezzanine
(San Francisco, CA), Sound Academy (Toronto), and sold-out Moscow’s premiere
discotheque, Solyanka, and festivals like CMJ, Neon Desert Music Festival, NXNE,
and CMW.
Parallels accredit much of their foundational success to being a blog-favourite having
been featured acclaimed blogs including RCRD LBL, Discodust, 20jazzfunkgreats,
Valerie, The Music Fix and more. They have also appeared in The London Guardian
(U.K), FACT Magazine, Clash Magazine, DUMMY, Exclaim!, NOW Magazine and The
Toronto Star. Parallels continues to build a loyal following having been featured on the
cover of Toronto’s largest free newspaper, formerly known as EYE Weekly.
Their first full-length album "Visionaries" was released on Marigold Records/E1
Entertainment in April 2010 (Canada). Immediately after its release, the album was
given NOW Magazine’s highest review rating and described as a "12-song sonic
juggarnaut". As word caught on in the US it claimed "New and Noteworthy" status on
the front page of the US iTunes music store. “Visionaries” is currently receiving heavy
airplay on Canadian and US college radio, and their first single “Find the Fire” received
play on BBC 1’s “In new DJ’s we trust”. “Find the Fire” was also nominated for Best
Electronic Song in the 2011 Independent Music Awards.


Oakland, CA’s Trails and Ways is a band built on plurality. Their songs never shy away from personal and political heavy-lifting, while making some of the most compelling pop music we’ve heard in some time.

The four bandmates, (Hannah and Keith on guitar, Ian on drums, and Emma on bass) cast off from the co-op houses at UC Berkeley in the depths of the great recession. They headed to live as far afield as Ceará in Brazil and Galicia in Spain before reuniting in Oakland to start the DIY bedroom recording project that became Trails and Ways.

The sound they cultivated is a fascinating mix of the melancholy of bossa nova, the fearlessness of basement indie rock, driving grooves from the end of disco, and the slick shine of radio pop. Call it what you will; hearing it is like stumbling into the warmth of an intimate dance party among friends.

When the band first sent out their early track “Nunca” to a few blogs the zeitgeist must have been blowing through Oakland, and they were staggered by a sudden rush of attention: 70,000 plays in a single day – something rarely seen from an unsigned artist.

This surge of popularity galvanized the band, and wary of becoming another flash-in-the-pan blog sensation they set out with determination to refine their art and take advantage of the unexpected groundswell of support. They quickly got to work crafting a powerful live show, quit their day jobs, ran two national tours, and played festival stages at Outside Lands, Capitol Hill Block Party, and Firefly, and landed a record deal with Seattle, WA’s Barsuk Records.

Pathology, their debut LP, was recorded at home in Oakland in 2014, amid the unrelenting crawl of the California drought and the surge of tech-company capital in the Bay Area. The album is a work of multiple hands, multiple hearts, and multiple voices — vibrant, emotional, political and personal.

If you’re inclined, there’s plenty to analyze in these 11 tracks. It reckons with social and ecological crises, but with music that’s personal and joyful in a way that most “political” or “activist” bands rarely are. The lyrics borrow from different languages, exploring their wordplay and musicality (Keith has a penchant for singing in Portuguese, and Emma in Spanish).

The songs integrate the particular voice of places where band members have lived, layering in city noises from Brazil, Oakland and Spain. In a band that runs itself as a cooperative, each member pens and sings at least one of Pathology’s tracks.

Of course, you don’t need to deeply analyze the songs to enjoy Pathology - this is music flush with pleasure. The lively beats of songs like “Skeletons” and “Downright” get your body in the groove. Big hooks and guitar lines pull you into the wild outdoors on “Mtn Tune”, and the rich harmonies that open “Say You Will” feel like a plunge into Pacific water. This is the music of warm colors to enjoy any day, any place on our planet.

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