Roadkill Ghost Choir

Roadkill Ghost Choir

Emerging fully-formed from the desolate heart of Central Florida, Roadkill Ghost Choir make unsettling, powerful American rock, Tom Petty by way of Radiohead and Cormac McCarthy. Set against Kiffy Meyer’s ghostly steel pedal, singer and main songwriter Andrew Shepard triumphantly conjures an allegorical American landscape of drifters, specters and violent saints. Andrew’s brothers Maxx (drums) and Zach (bass) Shepard round out the rhythm section, and Stephen Garza handles lead guitar.

The band released their debut EP ‘Quiet Light’ in 2013 in the midst of a touring run that saw them opening for Band of Horses and 2013 festival slots at New York’s Governor’s Ball, Austin City Limits and Shaky Knees in Atlanta, GA. In January 2014 the band was invited to perform on the David Letterman Show, where they performed standout track “Beggar’s Guild.” Their debut full-length, recorded in Athens, Georgia and in their home studio in Deland, Florida with producer Doug Boehm, will be out later this year. The band will be touring supporting the new album, including stops at Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza.

Bike Thief

Formed 5 years ago in Austin by singer and guitar player, Febian Perez, the Progressive Psych Rock band Bike Thief is now situated in Portland, Oregon where they are recordingtheir upcoming Impaler LP. Also featuring Chad Van Dyke on lead guitar and bassist Patrick White, the group has spent countless hours meticulously crafting this record and is headed in the direction Febian has always imagined.

Influenced by Radiohead, King Crimson, and Arcade Fire among other bands, Bike Thief’s sound mixes post rock and psych rock and covers a wide range of sounds and concepts they’ve been aching to explore as a band, and also range dynamically between texturally minimal and eerie to boisterous and aggressive. The new album also carries several themes ranging from loss, lust, introspectiveness, growth, and hope and is a drastic approach from the last two records, Stuck In A Dream (2014) and Ghost of Providence (2013). Despite any differences, their dynamic sound is always a constant.

The first single is titled “Dark Dances”, which was produced by Riley Geare of Unknown Mortal Orchestra. It features Patti King of Radiation City on backing vocals and Greg Allen on viola and its accompanying music video was directed/edited/written by Ryne Freed. The song has taken shape over a long period of the band's history, but recently became a priority of their focus. Febian expresses themes of lust and the varied dynamics of past relationships. It’s a meaningful track to him, and like the rest of the new album, is full of symbolism that convey those experiences artistically. The new album is scheduled for release in 2016 and for now we get a taste of things to come with the first single, “Dark Dances”.

Yes, like the dog. Balto is also a psychedelic Americana band from Portland, Oregon. Following an ill-fated six-month stint as a copy editor and telemarketer in Moscow, Russia, guitarist and songwriter Dan Sheron lost his marbles and went to Siberia, where he wrote a cycle of songs describing the life he’d decided to leave behind. That winter (2010), Balto laid those songs on its first record, October’s Road, in a single blustery day in a Brooklyn basement and went on to tour the United States for the first time.

Following a move to Portland, Oregon, the band released 2012’s follow-up, Monuments, and hit the road again, touring up and down the East and West Coasts and doing a couple, one-off performances in Central Asia.

Balto solidified its line-up in 2014 as a rag-tag five-piece rock’n’roll band – electric guitars and Hammond organs, chiming acoustic guitars and the occasional Bonzo flourish, all held down by a retired fighter with a deep admiration for James Jamerson. Balto, throwing TVs out of motel windows since 2010.

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