Mark Rogers and Mary Byrne, DJ UMC, Ponies Will Bite You, Thundera, Audrey Kelley

Mark Rogers and Mary Byrne

Kenny Nix Jr (born in Queens, NY) better known as DJ UMC, is an artist, producer, and DJ whose style is best described as Urban Rock. UMC is a powerful, strong-minded artist who has been a visionary since he began his music career professionally 8 years ago. Among his many talents, UMC is exceptional at controlling crowds and giving people music they can relate to.

Since an infant, UMC has been in the studio absorbing the eclectic and expansive audio created by his own father Kenton Nix Sr. – one of the most heavily-sampled producers in music. At the age of 20, UMC began DJing and has played at major venues during his college years at Penn State as well as throughout the tri-state area performing at Crash Mansion, the National and Village Underground, Cafe Wha? and other lower Manhattan spots. UMC has also opened up for platinum artists such as Nelly and Fat Joe. In 2004, DJ UMC began to take guitar seriously and has increased his production skills by also learning the bass and drums. The sound he is moved to create is strictly for the people and is ready to invade the mainstream.

After changing direction in his career, UMC recently developed his own song ideas and began recording his self-titled album "DJ UMC" which is scheduled to be released later this year. Gaining inspiration from James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, Prince, Eric Clapton and other legendary artists, UMC will likely be one of the hottest acts for 2012 and beyond. You can catch him and his "sick" band performing live around NYC and the tri-state area.

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Ponies Will Bite You

Whaddya get when you mix John Mayer with Death Cab for Cutie and a drum machine t-shirt? Probably a crappy Postal Service album, but ponies will bite you! is the band that would open for that band's album release party. You'd have enjoyed yourself if you’d gone. ponies will bite you! isn’t just about how jerk face ponies are going to sink their teeth into your dreams. It’s about other stuff too.


Clarissa (or Rissa, for short), the lead singer and lyricist for the band Thudera, decided a long time ago that she wanted to form a band with other girls, once she started writing songs in high school. After she graduated and started attending college, she placed ads looking for other female musicians around campus who wanted to be in a punk rock band. Marianna, the guitarist, was one of the first who answered, and once the two met, they hit it off and knew that they wanted to be in a band together.

Rissa showed Marianna some of the lyrics she had written, and the two started creating music to go with the words, but they knew that they needed to find a drummer. Luckily Marianna's sister, Stephanie, placed an ad online looking for a female drummer, and soon after found Bruni. The three girls met once summer started and have been writing and playing songs ever since.

Currently the band is recording their songs with a producer, and will hopefully be finished by fall 2012.

Audrey Kelley


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Mark Rogers and Mary Byrne, DJ UMC, Ponies Will Bite You, Thundera, Audrey Kelley

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