I Led 3 Lives

I Led 3 Lives

I LED 3 LIVES is the ultimate meeting of the musical minds. A band of NYC all-stars, the trio features ILHAN ERSAHIN on keyboards, sounds, and saxophone; JUINI BOOTH on acoustic and electric bass; and JOCHEN RUECKERT on drums, programming, and electronics. Each member of the group has a distinct flair and style all his own—but when their three lives, backgrounds, and experiences come together, the result is electric!

A meeting at NUBLU, the East Village output, spawned the group three years ago and they have been playing there regularly since. Like the infamous club that brought them together, their sound is quintessentially New York: it's underground, jazzy, and dancey all at once.

The group's collective pasts and other projects are as diverse as their sound. In 1972, JUINI BOOTH played in Olympia, Paris, with Tony Williams' Lifetime band. Since then, he's shared the stage with MCCOY TYNER, STEVE GROSSMAN, and JOE HENDERSON, and currently performs with the SUN RA BAND. JOCHEN RUECKERT is one of the most sought after drummers in the NYC jazz scene, playing regularly with KURT ROSENWINKLE, MARK TURNER, and CHRIS POTTER. Jochen, who's from Germany has also another side to him: he brings the nation's compelling minimalist electronic sounds to the trio. ILHAN ERSAHIN embodies those worlds as well, but being part Swedish and part Turkish has given him a world of experiences and backgrounds from which to draw his inspiration. His projects include more song-oriented band, WAX POETIC and LOVE TRIO with reggae/dub legend U-ROY, but he also shares the stage with the phenomenal Turkish gypsy clarinetist HUSNU SENLENDERECI.

I LED 3 LIVES is on a lifelong mission—making beautiful and interesting music that will take the listener beyond the norm and elevate us onto plateaus that are yet undiscovered. Check them out now and prepare to be uplifted!

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