here’s this “alternative punk” supergroup coming out of L.A. called Implants, who are apparently working on new material as they announced on Facebook that they are about to put up two songs. The band wrote:

“You’ve asked for it, so you will get a taste of two Implants songs in the next couple of days.”

Implants consist of Ken Conte (The Tank) on vocals, Jim Blowers (Pulley) and Rob Ramos (Strung Out) both on guitar, Chris Del Rio (Ten Foot Pole) on bass and Chris Dalley (Voodoo Glow Skulls and also Ten Foot Pole) on drums.

No Gimmick

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, No Gimmick has played countless local shows, as well as brief stints in L.A. and Mexico. They've shared the stage with Marky Ramone, Authority Zero, Punk Rock Karaoke, Something Corporate, Guttermouth, CKY, Pour Habit, Sugarcult, Rufio, Ten Foot Pole, Against All Authority, Mr. T Experience, Jughead's Revenge, Antifreeze, Riddlin' Kids, Civet, Bionic Jive, Stereotyprider, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Fred Green, Trik Turner, Tickertape Parade and also played Warped Tour '02.

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