Entelechy (Layla Isis & Mariyah)

Entelechy Dance presents: The Siren Revival
Featuring Entelechy (Layla Isis and Mariyah) with special guests Dalia Carella, Darshan, Kristina Melike, Sira, and Tava.

With the stylings of jazz-age apparitions, mystical priestesses, vintage muses, and slapstick parodies, Entelechy delivers a delightfully divergent bellydance revel

Entelechy is the essence which completes matter, the soul or intelligent energy of living things. Layla Isis and Mariyah co-founded Entelechy Dance NYC in 2012 based on a shared artistic frequency that aims to express the elements of spirit, humor, and myth through theatrical dance. They are pleased to present their inaugural curated show at Drom.


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