Botzy - Buck Fotzy CD Release Show

Botzy w/ Live Band

Minneapolis rapper Botzy has come a long way since fronting the genre-hopping band Culture Cry Wolf, and since going solo this past year, he's taken his work to the next level.

His latest free download - "Past Tense", available October 29 - is a listen that highlights his progressing comfort as a craftsman and his growing positive attitude towards life. Rooted in the present moment, the title refers to overcoming tension, and you can hear it in the chilled jazz and R&B samples or the freewheeling lyrics.

A short turnaround from this summer's Buck Fotzy, Botzy wrote and recorded the six song EP with a looseness that gives the record a fun and light-hearted vibe. His signature introspective approach to rap remains, only more focused and self-assured. Though rooted in a down-tempo golden age milieu, it's an adventurous record.

Guests Sean Anonymous and Phillip Morris show up to help Botzy boast on "Clowns Die Young", while Sophia Eris provides some lush melodies to the lead single "Ride The Beat". It's a brisk and refreshing record that adds another chapter to Botzy's steady movement forward.

$5.00 - $10.00


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Botzy - Buck Fotzy CD Release Show

Saturday, July 13 · 9:00 PM at Triple Rock Social Club