Mungo Jerry

Mungo Jerry

MUNGO JERRY is Ray Dorset the iconic Britsh rock Artist who through out the years has had chart success in almost every country in the world, with such hits as : LADY ROSE-----LONG LEGGED WOMAN DRESSED IN BLACK------BABY JUMP---HELLO NADINE-------ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT-------MIGHTY MAN-----just to name a few, plus writing a no.1 worldwide for Kelly Marie FEELS LIKE IM IN LOVE.

Although the most famous and instantly recognizable is the one and only IN THE SUMMERTIME The classic which has won Ray numerous coveted musical awards. IN THE SUMMERTIME had sold over six million copies worldwide in the first six months of release and that total is now estimated to be over a staggering thirty million units, and it is now officially recognised as the most played summer song of all time. Winning for itself and it’s writer RAY DORSET, prestigious Sony / ATV and Ivor Novello awards.

In describing the music of MUNGO JERRY as pure pop would be an insult to the varying styles of rock, blues, boogie, skiffle and elements of glam that has graced the stages of concerts and festivals which have seen MUNGO JERRY sharing and indeed at times topping the bill with the likes of JIMI HENDRIX, ELTON JOHN, ROD STEWART & THE FACES, SLADE, GENESIS, STATUS QUO, CANNED HEAT, FREE.

Just after the single's release, the band turned in a breathtaking performance at the Hollywood Music Festival, near Newcastle Under-Lyme with acts including BLACK SABBATH, TRAFFIC and making their first UK appearance, GRATEFUL DEAD. Soon after, the music press screamed their approval with headlines of - MUNGOMANIA! and MUNGO JERRY FEVER! The long awaited follow-up to 'In the SUMMERTIME' was 'BABY JUMP', which also made No 1, it was a hard rocking Ray Dorset composition much influenced by his Rock a Billy connections, then another of his compositions, Lady Rose, became the third Mungo maxi single and made No 3 in the charts, only faiIing to make the No 1 spot because of the fact that a track on the maxi, "Have A Whiff On Me", Was banned by the BBC because of it's drug connotations, and had to be re-pressed at the request of the Director of Public Prosecutions. Even though over 100 musicians have passed through the ranks of the MUNGO JERRY band since 1970, the good times show no sign of abating, the band have continued rocking and have lots of interesting projects in the pipe line.

Carlos moves to the Bay from El Paso in 1996. Apache moves to the Bay in 2000. In 2006 Apache gets a record deal with Birdman records without a band or songs. Enter Carlos and Apache (the band) is born, sort of. After the first guitarist leaves Mark, not from El Paso (but an honorary El Pasoan) is in. Apache (the band) has a drummer in Chris and record their first album "Boomtown Gems" in 2007 (re...
leased in 2008). Chris leaves and the band has a million drummers in his wake. Carlos and Apache convince Mike, an old El Paso friend, to move out to SF. Touring the world and their sophomore album "Radical Sabbatical" (recorded sporadically in 2008-09 but released in 2010) ensues.

This is the cliff notes biography. Wait for VH1 Behind the Music for the full story. It'll make you blow your wad, it's that good.

Ferocious red-head brother/sister Chicago duo WHITE MYSTERY featuring MISS ALEX WHITE and FRANCIS SCOTT KEY WHITE return with Blood & Venom, the follow-up to their self-titled, self-released debut LP that earned praise from Sound Opinions, ELLE Magazine Brazil, garage rock legends The Gories, and was named by the Chicago Tribune as a Top Ten Album of 2010. Smoke, flames, alright. On tour now. MTV named White Mystery a Hive Five Sibling Act, The Boston Phoenix awarded White Mystery the "Best New Band in Illinois," The Chicago Reader voted White Mystery "Best Merch" in Best of Chicago 2011, and Metromix named White Mystery in "Top 20 Summer Street Fest Bands."

special guest DJ Jonathan Toubin

New York Night Train's POP NIGHT:
DJ JONATHAN TOUBIN plays songs you know – one night only

Jonathan Toubin (Soul Clap & Dance-Off, etc.), known worldwide for perfecting the science of making masses get down to the most obscure 45rpm recordings, plays the hits for one night only. This is not an April Fools, an ironic art project, or an old-fashioned sell-out. The DJ is serious. He put this night together because he has come to understand something you may have never thought about…

YOU PROBABLY HAVE NEVER HEARD YOUR FAVORITE RECORDS! For real! Teams of specialists recorded, mastered, and pressed songs to sound amazing with painstaking deliberateness. Over the years these original 45s have been remastered for CD, mp3, and even record – losing their rich dynamic qualities and becoming another animal entirely – sounding nothing like what the artists', producers', and engineers' original intentions. But tonight you have an opportunity to dance to your favorite tracks in their purest state – the original mix undigitized and uncompressed. This is not audiophile mumbo jumbo - you are not likely to recover from hearing your favorite songs on the ultimate sonic medium through Bowery Ballroom's first-class sound system. And like good wine, you won't go back to the bad stuff once you've had a taste.

Jonathan Toubin has made a career out of playing atypical musical selections because his goal has been to give you a unique life-changing nightlife experience. He spends all of his time and money pursuing 45rpm records because the warm tone, wide dynamic range, big drums, and fleshy presence make the 1960s 7-inches Jonathan Toubin's favorite audio format of all time. By playing a familiar Motown hit or a Beatles anthem on the original 45 instead of the usual high quality obscurities, Toubin wants his dancers to recognize the sonic difference from the mediums they are accustomed to - and hear and feel their favorite classics as never before.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to witness America's most prominent 45 DJ (and America's most popular soul party DJ) playing the hits. This is also Jonathan Toubin's first 18+ dance party since his Lincoln Center Midsummer Night's Swing silent disco nearly a year ago. And get ready to experience the excellent visuals, go go dancers, guest DJs, and other surprises you've grown accustomed to in a New York Night Train parties!

Wait 'til you hear the original "Honky Tonk Woman" or "The Clapping Song" on 45! You will NEVER go back!

"DJ Jonathan Toubin is creating his own kind of dance revolution" (Village Voice, 2011)

"The most-liked man in the soul music scene" (Rolling Stone, 2012)

"Jonathan Toubin is the only person we can call a "professional DJ" without involuntarily making a jack-off motion with our hand... His parties are like what Ancient Stonehenge was like if it was, as archaeologists theorize, filled with people dressed many times better than you completely losing their shit." (VICE, 2010)

"A legend among Lower East Side entertainers and fans" (ABC News, 2012)

"To friends and fans, Mr. Toubin is the man behind New York Night Train, whose musical arsenal is made up of lesser-known artists from the 1950s and 1960s, captured on 45 r.p.m. records." (NY Times , 2012)

"New York Night Train's Jonathan Toubin throws the raddest underground rock parties in New York" (Paper Magazine, 2008)

"The best soul DJ in the land" (Flavorpill, 2013)

Tickets Available at the Door

TICKETS AT THE DOOR $10 CASH - Drink Special: $5 Mungo Berry Lemonade. Available house wide from 6pm to close!

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Mungo Jerry with Apache, White Mystery, special guest DJ Jonathan Toubin

Sunday, August 4 · Doors 6:00 PM / Show 8:00 PM at Brooklyn Bowl

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