Rockers vs. Beatnicks: The Wild Cat Daddies & The Ex-Bombers

The Wild Cat Daddies

Wild Cat Daddies are a trio consisting of Steve Andsager (guitars/vocals/yelping), Tim Overshiner (upright bass/backing vocals), and Joe Aguirre (drums/backing vocals) who just fucking love playing old rock n roll. There's nothing "retro" or "ironic" about these three. They're playing rock n roll for all of the right reasons, it's about drinking a bit of whiskey (or rye if the mood strikes) and getting people dancing.

The Ex-Bombers

The Ex-Bombers play dirtbag spy jazz or beatnik punk, depending on who describes it, though both represent facets of the group's seedy sound. The duo started in 2010 in Columbia, MO before moving to their current residence in Charleston, IL (home of Eastern Illinois University). Keri Cousins provides the rhythm for the pair on a small Rogers drumset and provides her vocals. Scott Walus plays a Hagstrom 8-string bass (EADG octaves) and shares vocals. They play dark but catchy songs using only these instruments, without distortion of digital trickery. The songs result from crashing into the awkward years of adulthood when the hangovers last two days instead of just one. This all leads to an uneasy but provocative alliance between the flippant sounds of early Velvet Underground/Sonic Youth and the content and style of Soft Cell or Girls Against Boys.

In 2012, The Ex-Bombers released their full-length debut album The Tightwire on Cavetone Records. The album was recorded entirely on open reel tape and was released only on vinyl, meaning that no digital versions of the songs exist (unless someone ripped it from the record). The record has 10 songs and 3 interludes that combine to tell a 31 minute story. They enjoy playing songs from this record, meeting interesting people, drinking absinthe, lurking through antique malls, and are currently accepting bookings.


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Rockers vs. Beatnicks: The Wild Cat Daddies & The Ex-Bombers

Saturday, July 13 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at Rose Music Hall