Light Asylum, Young Magic

LIGHT ASYLUM is Shannon Funchess and Bruno Coviello -- an uncompromising, rugged mixture of coldwave, EBM and electro-industrial structured through pop of the toughest sensibilities. A LIGHT ASYLUM production straddles underground electronic club music and radio song culture – part introverted, aggressive vehicles, part bright, jubilant fanfares – passages of carefully devised harmony and melody bloom between stabs of driving keyboards and drum machines.

Young Magic

Australian import Young Magic, made up of Isaac, a portable studio and numerous friends, currently resides in New York City. For the last six months, Young Magic has been recording songs in various places to add to the song's unique and organic psychedelic sound. Sounds sampled from old spy bases in Berlin to children's playgrounds in Melbourne to flats in New York City were all integrated into creating these songs. In Young Magic's first single, "You With Air", the listener is taken on a journey to a place where young children are playing and laughing while Isaac's vocals add a layer of soul creating a perfect combination of modern-day drum beats and matter of fact lyrics.

Psychic Twin

Erin Fein, Brett Sanderson, and Jonny Sommer are the Psychedelic-Elektro-Pop Trio Psychic Twin from Urbana, Illinois.

O Paradiso

O Paradiso was formed in March 2013 by Jacob Bills and Darryl Specht in collaboration with Ryan Sartin (Former members of Asa Ransom, Death of Fashion). Since conception O Paradiso has focused it's songs at the edges of electronic experimentation, with influences such as Harmonia, Kraftwerk and Terry Riley, and a raw rock n' roll spirit of the likes of The Velvet Underground, The Clash and Suicide, while remaining deeply informed by music as far reaching as BBC Radiophonic workshop, Voodoo Drums, Balinese Gamelan, Classic Bollywood, Motown and West African Funk.

At times lean and bristling, at others transcendent and rapturous, O Paradiso's songs are composed of lush harmonic forms, unexpected pairings and sharp rhythms interwoven with colorful vocal interjections.

With their pioneering interactive and visual performance shows gaining acclaim in New York and sharing live bills with Maria Minerva, Light Asylum, Excepter, Young Magic and Psychic Twin, O Paradiso is poised to introduce their adventurous new sound and performances to an ever widening audience in the coming year with plans for multiple releases and tours in both the US and Europe.


Baltimore and Wham City resident Adventure's 2008 self-titled debut was an energetic journey through the outer expanses of a SID chip, an experience that took listeners whizzing over pixelated mountains and explored the darker corners of the most modernized urban setting. This limited tonal range and lack of human vocals (save for a few dialogue samples from Bladerunner) may have made the music of Adventure seem a bit cold or impersonal, but on his newest release, The Lesser Known, Benny Boeldt has brightened up his sound, adding soaring synth blasts and maximalist flourishes a la M83.

The airy snare and pulsing bass that open the album act as fanfare, like Boeldt welcoming the listener into the spacious new environment of The Lesser Known. His aesthetic remains grounded in the 1980s, but the songs sound more like retro-futuristic radio hits than the arcade-conjuring modulations of his first release. On tracks like "Fool's Paradise" and "Smoke and Mirrors," Boeldt splits the difference between New Order and Nu Shooz, creating a sound that could please even the most cynical bedroom moper while gratifying any party-goer who's simply looking to dance. Those fearing a record of wistful 80s pop facsimiles will be pleased to hear tunes like "Relax the Mind" and "Lights Out" connecting the dots that link Giorgio Moroder and his modern hit-making scion Dr. Luke. Dance beats permeate the bulk of The Lesser Known, but the two closing songs introduce pensive atmospheres, perhaps laying the framework for Boeldt's future musical ventures.


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Light Asylum, Young Magic with Psychic Twin, O Paradiso, Adventure

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