Bright Night Lights

Bright Night Lights

Bright Night Lights was created in March of 2012. All of us however have been playing together now for several years and ive never seen a group of musicians that flow better together. Singer Tyler Willoughby and bassist Derek Lopez come from the metal band Shattered Storm, while drummer Greg Silva and guitarist Aaron Bliss come from the pop punk band All that I am. The two bands disbanded and reforged themselves to create Bright Night Lights. Now they blow up, drop bows, and keep the crowd jumping!

1000 Miles of Fire

1000 Miles of Fire is Pop Punk/Alt Rock band from Denver, CO. The band was formed by school friends Andrew Elofson (Guitar, Vocals)
and Cj Eckenrode (Bass, Vocals) in September of 2011. The band went on to play many shows through out the course of spring and summer of 2012. It wasn't until August until the band got lucky and became part of the Best 303 Sounds family. They then went on to play an all acoustic set at Angelo's and their first appearance at the famous D Note. The band is now working on many new shows and an EP is on the way.

Abbey Miller

I'm Abbey Miller, a 14 year old musician from Denver, CO. Look out for me on The X Factor USA this upcoming 2013 season! I appreciate all of your support and I love my Abstars (which is you all!)

762 began in November of 2010, as a band formed between two friends (myself and Julian Elwood). Eventually, due to lack of drive, lack of members, and frustration with writing original material, 762 went on indefinite hiatus. As time passed, we felt as if we were once again ready to reunite as a band. Disagreeances led to the 762 moniker being dropped, and instead lead to Reference being born. Shortly afterwards, creative differences drove me to pursue a solo project. In mid 2012, 762 returned from indefinite hiatus, now an entirely new project.

Nearly three years later, 762 is finally ready to release completely original material.

The Entropy EP will be released digitally on April 16th, 2013 for $5 on iTunes and Bandcamp, with many other digital distribution outlets such as Spotify, iHeart Radio, and Amazon MP3 to follow shortly.

$6.00 - $8.00


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South Moe's - Englewood


Bright Night Lights with 1000 Miles of Fire, Abbey Miller, 762

Friday, June 7 · Doors 8:30 PM / Show 9:00 PM at South Moe's - Englewood