Pink Hawks, Roqui & the Bull

Pink Hawks

12+ piece African and global dance music ensemble featuring an all-star cast:

Yuzo Nieto - Alto Sax, Vocals, Leader
Mike Neff - Guitar, Artistic Director
Zay Rios - Percussion, Vocals, Flute
Jon Olsson - drumset
Koffi Toudji - percussion
Trevor Morris - Guitar
Franco Valentino - bass
Laura Gibson - Vocals, Keyboard
Lannie Shelton - Violin
Joe Tabano - Trumpet
Nick Krier - Baritone Sax
Andy Wild - Tenor Sax
Robert Cole-Sackett - awesomeness

"As much artistic revolutionaries as musicians, Pink Hawks bring the struggle for a more interesting world home to roost."
-Tom Murphy, Westword

Roqui & the Bull

Denver based trio of Original Hallucinogenic Dancecore! Come join the Chain Reaction!! The Evolution of the Revolution has just begun!!!


It has not taken long for iZCALLi to become one of the most successful bands in the Rock en Español scene in Denver. Brenda Avina (Bass), Alejandro Gonzalez (Drums) and Miguel Avina (Vox and Guitar) are the epitome of a power trio that combines their passion for music to create something truly unique, bringing a breath of fresh air to rock fans everywhere. IZCALLi has kept a high profile for years opening concerts for Enanitos Verdes, Jaguares, Hombres G, Reik and many others, receiving a special guest invitation to perform at Escandalo de Verano at Invesco Feld along side Ivy Queen and AB Quintanilla and the Kumbia All-stars. IZCALLi has had an excellent year, preparing for the release of their second independent album Despiertame on November 28th 2009. With their relentless work ethic and love for music iZCALLi will continue to build on its roots and make a mark in the history of rock.

Leung & The Wreck

Pulling from a dominant Rock/Blues background, Leung and The Wreck keep the traditional feel good music alive with modern twists to each song. Electric fast licks, break beats, precision funk bass, and stunning vocal wrasps engage audiences of many ranges. Drawing inspiration from Led Zeppelin, Primus, Ray Charles, The Temptations, Jimi Hendrix, and Parliament this up and coming band leaves people wondering where they have been hiding.

Sweet Ball Peen

Genghis: Greg ‘Genghis’ Young covers vocals, lead and rhythm guitars for SBP. His early playing days were influenced by the blues and quickly moved from there to hard rock. Moving forward from Clapton and Iron Maiden, and finding Megadeth and Al Dimeola the driving forces in his style were set. In the early 90s, Genghis was the singular guitarist for the SF Bay Area rock outfit, Pistol Apostle, with whom he enjoyed modest success, and recorded many well-received demos. The pinnacle moment of that chapter was perhaps opening for 24-7 Spyz on Halloween night in 1991 while Kirk Hammett of Metallica looked on and then offered his compliments after the show. Genghis joined SBP in 2003 and has been a part of that original line-up ever since.
Stetz: Keith ‘Stetz’ Stoetzer provides the ‘glue’ that holds the music together. Serving up the rhythm guitars for SBP, the occasional lead and some cameo lead vocals, Stetz grinds out the rocking from the get go and never lets up. Broken arms, legs, and bloodied hands are no match for this unstoppable force. Keith is the other seminal member in today’s line up, drawing his style from wide ranging influences…if you had to pick three, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Clutch, and The Grateful Dead would be safe bets. Keith knows no enemies for a reason; find him after the next show and strike up a conversation and you’ll see!
Zack: Zack's musical journey covers hip-hip, reggae, gospel, and funk, blues, rock, and metal; playing everywhere from coffee shops, parties, and dive bars, to ballrooms, the People’s Fair of Denver and the Emergenza Battle of the Bands Regional Finals. In 2007, Zack joined the powerhouse rockers of Denver’s own “Sweet Ball Peen,” with whom he recorded the studio album, “Cover Up.” Every night he is a lock to throw down epic, stage-rumbling performances you must not miss and will never forget!
Kevin: Kevin Jochem, the best not-rich-and-famous drummer in Denver, punished the kit for SBP from 2006 to 2010 and returned in 2013 to complete the triumphant comeback of SBP!!! His contribution to the 2009 CD, Cover Up, recorded by Jamie ‘Hell-yeah’ Hillyer at Module Overload Studios is a little of the abundant proof that, yes, that boy can play! Kevin's credits are too many to name in this space; he plays it all, and better than you! Lucky are the ones who have smelted his Jochemy!

$6.00 - $132.00


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Pink Hawks, Roqui & the Bull with Izcalli, Leung & The Wreck, Sweet Ball Peen

Saturday, June 15 · Doors 7:00 PM / Show 8:00 PM at Herman's Hideaway