Throwing Shade LIVE - with Erin Gibson & Bryan Safi

Throwing Shade LIVE - with Erin Gibson & Bryan Safi

Throwing Shade is the irreverent weekly political/absurdist comedy podcast & Funny or Die web series hosted by Upright Citizens Brigade alums and Funny or Die writers Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi. Join Erin and Bryan and laugh at things you’re not supposed to, in person, for a night that we promise will be better than prom.

Consistently in iTunes top ten comedy podcasts with a 5 star rating and with over 3 million downloads, Throwing Shade has cultivated a devoted and broad fan base - the LGBT community (homosensuals), savvy, smart ladies (feminasties), and straight dudes who “get it” (heterosensitives) - by using humor and absurdity to dismantle the unfair treatment of ladies and gays by politicians, the media, and people who don’t know any better. In 2013, in addition to their weekly podcast, Throwing Shade became Funny or Die’s first successful, long-form web series. Last year they sold out their first live tour, performing at The Elbow Room in San Fran, Chop Suey in Seattle, Kelly’s Olympian in Portland, The Empty Bottle in Chicago, Lee’s Liquor Lounge in Minneapolis, The Comedy Bar in Toronto, The Black Cat in D.C., The OBERON in Boston, and The Bell House in Brooklyn.

Winner of Podcast Awards “Best GLBT Podcast” 2013

Named one of Paste Magazine’s top 20 comedy podcasts of 2013

"Lacking any sort of filter, UCB veterans Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi are equal-
opportunity offenders, discussing current events with a politically incorrect sense of humor. Their aggressively energetic personalities give the show a bit of a morning shock-jock feel, if shock jocks spent even more time talking about genitals." – The A.V. Club

“I'm supposed to pick a different podcast every week, but it's getting hard not to just review Throwing Shade every time because it has been on a roll lately. I have a friend who just got into it and listened to every episode in a week. It can be done, people. Catch up!" - Splitsider

“While I'm sure Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi put a lot of work into their podcast, Throwing Shade, I love how it sounds so effortlessly funny.” - USA Today

“Hosts Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi support social justice causes by utilizing the anarchic glee of improv comedy, creating an outrageous podcast that comes off like "Kids in the Hall" taking magic mushrooms with Rachel Maddow (but in a good way, of course).” - Bitch Magazine

“Hilarious, timely, right-headed when it counts and deliciously dirty in all the places it doesn’t, this is a podcast of deep cuts. It’s the show for you. Yes, you.”  -Freaking Awesome Network

“Safi and Gibson have managed to keep their podcast current, innovative and consistently hilarious these past 52 episodes, which isn’t easy.” – Critical Mob

“Throwing Shade tackles misogyny and homophobia with Shelley Long references and diatribes about those “toe shoes” thrown in to keep shits real. I love it like a person and you will too.” - On the Rag Mag

“The pod cast, loosely scripted and largely improvised, lasts an hour and covers a lot of ground, from topics like the Mormon feminist “Wear Pants to Church” movement to a take-down of gay-haters on Twitter. And it’s definitely the place to go if you want to hear a humorous deconstruction of the homophobic remarks of Victoria Jackson.” - Humor Times

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All shows are 21+ Proper I.D. required for admission

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Throwing Shade LIVE - with Erin Gibson & Bryan Safi

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