Goosepimp is the form of funk that dissolves the barriers between artist and audience. The energy plotted through space race like arrangements, channeled by geeks who became stage freaks, and absorbed into every opened mind via third eyes is a condensed and charismatic force from the center of the Earth and the beginning of time. The group found this quality of energy refined over many years of performance, improvisation, interaction, and an uncompromising hunger to push the age old funk into the boundless future. It is said Zeus himself cannot find a bolt of lighting brighter than the glowing faces from the Goosepimp experience. And just as lightning needs both hot and cold to exist, Goosepimp does not exist until the energy of musicians and quality of audience find themselves hand in hand, becoming greater than the sum of its parts, and funkier than Mother Earth can quake.

The first album “The Biggest Bang”, coupled with a trademark dance floor riot inducing live show, paved the road for the Goosepimp sound to blaze a trail through the festival circuit including stops at Bonnaroo, Strange Creek, Sunseeker’s Ball, Bella Terra and more. The second album, “Swagadelic Fertilizer Castle”, recorded at Hi-N-Dry Studios, owned by members of Morphine, greeted 2011 with a freshly squeezed and individually wrapped form of the live experience. Ferocity and finesse swim together effortlessly throughout the recording- the same alchemy found on every dance floor in the Northeast during the band’s 2011 tour.

And with any great beast with the taste of frost on its nose, the force known as the Orchestra took to hibernation, leaving funk-hungry dancefloor zombies screaming for more of the trademark Goosepimp sound.

It is now feeding time for the funk zombies. In the pursuit of the ultimate funkiness, friends old and new are now awakened from their the cosmic slumber, with their treasure chests of musical fortune and passions of infinite funkabilities. The 2-man horn circus, the Hornitz, as well as the slippery when wet keyboard wizard himself, Phil Reese joined the effort, leading the pack of all funk-hungry freaks down the epic Goosepimp trail. It is a parade celebrating both the legacy of funk and its epic future.


lespecial has been making waves throughout the Northeast with their tight live sets ridden with raucous improv and sheer variety. Rory D provides the raw, primal, unyielding rhythmic backbone, Luke B throws down the dirty 4-string raunch, thump, and sub-synth, and Jonny G glitches the samples and guitar as well as the deep synth womp.
Aggressive dance music to turn heads before the apocalypse, their influences combine Flying Lotus, Primus, Radiohead, and ritualistic afro-latin rhythmic traditions.


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