Industria on the Funky Buddha Terrace w/Fiat Luxx, DJ Vic M, Aneliz

Fiat LuXx

Camilo Ruiz (A.K.A. DJ Fiat LuXx) was born in Italy, lived in Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Austin,TX and now resides in Denver, CO where he has held DJ residency at various popular venues. With a world-wide variety of music styles, sounds and mixes he is sure to provide the appropriate vibe to any specific crowd or venue. He is now on a national and international mission to rock clubs, win hearts and top charts. You can find him at Miami Music Week 2013 at venues across Ocean Drive.
Due to the large European, South American and American influence on his musical upbringings, his sound is not only unique but very powerful in any club/party venue. His styles vary from house, tech-house, techno, progressive and electro. His now world-wide followed podcasts showcase his electric energy and creativity on every set. When asked about the power of the music he plays throughout his sets, he explains “Electronic music is meant to be shared and felt at its full potential by those who keep looking for endless musical and expressive possibilities”
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DJ Vic M

DJ Vic M (Victor Murcia) was born in NYC and raised in NJ. mMsic has always been a part of his life. Growing up his music taste would range from house to classic rock; from Salsa to Motown to Merengue and even Classical Music! His first experience of house music was going into the infamous Limelight in NYC and his passion for it has not stopped since. Now jump 10 years and living in Miami he has found his way into the Miami scene. As this year's Winter Music Conference approaches, he is suiting himself up to continue on his journey to rock every dancefloor he performs at.


ANELIZ (Annelise Ohlson) is an American DJ who in addition to the numerous performances across the nation finds herself busy collaborating and studying the real nature of music. Her appreciation for electronic music started very young, which has now developed into a passion to be shared in every dancefloor she performs at.

If you ask the 24 year old musician about where her love for house music comes from she will say "It is the one genre that can effectively and melodically bring people from anywhere in the world together as one". Her nightly (or daily) sets project a very contagious energy throughout its listeners that will leave them wanting more. With influences from Miami, Austin, other cities in Texas and worldwide travels to Colombia, Spain and more, she brings back a wide variety of sounds that are sure to create a unique yet high-energy feel throughout her sets. Including elements from down and up-tempo techno, tech-house, progressive and even electro, she is able to blend them into a memorable story to be told every time. As a Denver resident DJ, she wants to "make sure we all have fun in the end, and expand our minds musically every time a little bit more".

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As this event continues to expand across different cities including Denver, Boulder, Austin & Houston from its inception 1 month ago, we are very excited to continue bringing all of you new sounds from all over as well as a wide variety of local and out of town artists. This June 1st we will be bringing our dear friend DJ Vic M from Miami to perform with us once again, so make sure you don't miss this one! Come on up to the terrace and join us to celebrate life!!

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Industria on the Funky Buddha Terrace w/Fiat Luxx, DJ Vic M, Aneliz with Aneliz

Saturday, June 1 · 9:00 PM at Funky Buddha