Cut Hands

CUT HANDS was founded by William Bennett in 2007 initially to experiment further with his obscure collection of Ghanaian percussion instruments in free-form work-outs alongside other types of (genuine) sound experimenting. The fruit of 8 years of recordings finally culminated in 2011's critically acclaimed release Afro Noise I.

A classically trained musician, Bennett founded the group WHITEHOUSE in 1980 at the age of 18. The group remained at the forefront of the experimental and noise scenes over the next 27 years, invariably creating controversy and stimulating debate with their choice of violent and sexual subject matter, before eventually disbanding in 2007.

A specialist in linguistics and unconscious communication, Bennett now helms the mass hypnosis experimental project, Extralinguistic Sequencing, which premiered at Tate Britain in 2010.


Black Jeans began as a solo recording project during a winter holiday in Bermuda and has developed into a visceral exploration of the chaotic nature of life. Russell Butler uses analog, modular synthesizers, and vintage drum machines to approach the subjects of fear, loss, and self doubt while his swirling, deep vocals communicate the desire to overcome. Black Jeans’ debut cassette (now sold out) was released on local cult label Tundra Dubs and his vinyl debut will appear on AMDiscs.


darkness and bass with an 808 kick.
with regular showcases at 1015 Folsom, Public Works, DNA Lounge, and Elbo Room as well as intimate gallery based performances... S4NtA_Mu3rTE (birth name Marco Antonio Enrique de la Vega) mixes touchstones of contemporary culture, like trap rap, future bass, and pop music together with snippets of art, performance and social commentary to produce something otherworldly, dark, and undeniably ass shaking.

$5.00 - $10.00


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Cut Hands with black rain, BLACK JEANS, S4NtA_MU3rTE

Thursday, June 6 · 10:00 PM at Public Works