Subsonic Fallout

It's A Long Story

With the original members Dicky and Erick, the band has survived the years to accomplish many great achievements such as playing Warped Tour 2013 and releasing an EP that defines the band for all who listen. Over time the band has acquired Alex, Nick, and Robb to make a solid band and friendship that will strive forward to achieve many more goals and dreams down the road. The band will soon, this Fall, go on tour to prove they have what it takes to be professional musicians, making as many Friends and Fans along the way!

It's A Long Story is a 5 piece band that meshes hard hitting vocals and instrumentals with fast paced melodies, while still keeping a strong pop aspect to create a sound that demonstrates Pop Punk and Metalcore all at once. Always trying to create music that people would like to dance to at live performances as well as enjoy listening to anytime, any day. Our live performances are extremely "in-your-face"-energetic and a fun experience to see.
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Subsonic Fallout with It's A Long Story

Thursday, July 11 · 6:00 AM at Underground

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