Nigel Hall Band & The Congress w/ Paa Kow's By All Means Band

Nigel Hall Band

Nigel Hall is an honest, humble guardian of soul music. When asked about himself, Nigel reflects, "I'm just someone who lives, eats, drinks music." This ethic becomes clear when Nigel takes the stage. A mainstay on the Portland, ME scene, Nigel has recently toured with the funk powerhouse Lettuce. His energetic vocals add yet another layer of sonic depth and energy to the all star cast. Nigel is also an established keyboardist, currently working in the studio with Chapter 2, featuring Eric Krasno, Adam Deitch, and Louis Kato.


Evoking emotions that you thought had long passed – the feeling of your first cigarette, or the way you feel listening to a worn vinyl as it warmly crackles against the sound of a summer night – The Congress is naturally compared to many names and styles of years gone by. But drawing such comparisons is, in many respects, a misguided endeavor. Misguided not because you’d be wrong, but because you’d be missing the beautiful point – The Congress are a natural evolution of more than 60 years of purely American music. With a spirit rooted just south of the Mason-Dixon Line, and now calling Denver – “The Queen City of the West” – their home, they’ve got enough soul, grit, and have spent enough time in the woodshed and on the road to call them pretty much whatever you want. But whatever words you think you need to describe their contribution to the American music tradition – save your breath. The Congress play Rock & Roll.

Paa Kow's By All Means Band

The name of the band comes from a group of session musicians that got a gig, without a formal band name. After the set, someone came from the audience and asked, "What is the name of this band?" An then we said, "We don't have a name, but by all means we will play for you!" After that, we started using the name By All Means Band for all of our sessions that we played. When I came to America, I re-formed the By All Means Band with four members: Adam Holton on bass, Peyton Shuffield on congas and percussion, and Jake Ball on trumpet. We recorded an album called "Ghanerica" in 2008 and toured for a year before the band dissolved.

I moved from Memphis to Colorado to start my new project, an eight-piece group called "Paa Kow's By All Means Band," with Peyton Shuffield on percussion, Joel Michael Timm on trombone, Aaron Fichtner on guitar, Justin Fichtner on congas and percussion, Solomon Goldbas on keyboards, Noah Fulton-Beale on trumpet, and Andrew Simons on Bass.

My vision is to put together a huge band - an African orchestra, with a lot of percussions and a big horn section. Now I am looking forward to taking the band on the road and traveling the world.

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Nigel Hall Band & The Congress w/ Paa Kow's By All Means Band

Saturday, August 3 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at Cervantes' Other Side

Tickets Available at the Door