Drunken Prayer, The Mutineers, The My Oh Mys

Drunken Prayer

Drunken Prayer is the brainchild of Morgan Christopher Geer from Asheville, NC. Wood-shedding on a farm with former DP keyboardist Audra Fleming in Northern California around 2006, Morgan wrote and arranged the handful of songs for what would become Drunken Prayer's self-titled debut record. Others in the current fold include Joel Meredith of Blind Pilot on steel guitar and, on loan from The Breeders, percussionist Jose Medeles.

LATEST NEWS: The American Movie Classics channel has picked up "The Demon" and "What Made Me Kill" from Drunken Prayer's first record for promotion.

"...one part the Band, one part Tonight's The Night and several parts sinner's remorse...Bad Seeds-in-New Orleans noir..."
Fred Mills
Harp Magazine

"...a blistering example of bad-assedness."
Alli Marshall
Mountain Xpress
Asheville, NC

"Morgan is the real deal as a frontman, a barking ringleader with chops between Tom Waits and the Butthole Surfers' Gibby Haynes"
Casey Jarman
Willamette Week
Portland, OR

"Like an alt.country Led Zeppelin..."
MastanMusic Hour
Portland, OR

"The songs contain striking lyrics that sweep over and engulf the listener. Pay close attention to those thoughtful words - some of them are very deep and will challenge you."
Brenda Barbee
Roots Music Report

"Why in the name of all that's holy is Drunken Prayer not a massive, national success?"
The Stonewailer
Portland, OR

"There is a primal sorrow in this release that flows like a molten lava, occasionally erupting through the surface of this country-R&B gem...This is saint and sinner stuff full of passion and pain."
Jeff Weiss
Miles of Music

The Mutineers

"Life's too short to play it safe," declare The Mutineers in unison on their new song "Ace." Frontman and songwriter Brian Mathusek is not waiting around for things to get better. "Let's hit the road before it gets too late." Like many members of the Santa Barbara-based quartet, he has roamed from East to West and most places in-between. Along the way, he has gathered stories of hope and fear, love and loss. Songs like "California" recall his younger years, struggling to make ends meet in a new town. In other early tunes, like "End of the World," he questions faith: "I want to know whose religion wins, and what counts as sin." Throughout Mathusek's writing there has always been an openness and honesty that seems to come straight from the heart—there are no gimmicks. Such is the case in the latest eight-song release from The Mutineers, entitled, From the Dirge to the Dance.

The entire album displays more texture and virtuosity than any of the band's previous EP's. Along with longtime friends Michael Astudillo on acoustic guitar, Merry Young on drums and recent addition Terry Luna on stand-up bass, Mathusek and his fellow Mutineers have been stirring up a fierce blend of folksy "pub rock" marked by sweet-and-sour storytelling, mug-swinging melodies and foot-stomping beats. As a trio, their first EP, Tidal Wave (2008), was well received with radio play on several stations in California. It wasn't long before they began to share stages with such artists as Langhorne Slim, The Devil Makes Three, The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band and The Tallest Man on Earth. Their second EP, titled Nihilisteria (2009), was a more dynamic exploration of their evolving sound, reminiscent of bands like X, The B-52s, The Pogues, and The Velvet Underground.

The My Oh Mys

The My Oh Mys are a 5-peice rock band from Portland Oregon. Formed by the unholy alliance of really short people, really tall people, one normal sized person and one REALLY hungry person and forged in the blazing fire of handfulls of gigs in front of at least a few folks we aren't directly related to, The My Oh Mys play rock music for the people with no regard to decibel level, grammar, or proper stage-attire.

The band consists of Jeff Baxter, Anders Bergstrom, Tom Nunes, Bones Caragol and Ezra Holbrook, all former or current members of some of the NW's most beloved bands (The Decemberists, Jive Talking Robots, Triclops Organ Trio, Rob Stroup & the Blame, The Minus 5, Curtis Salgado, The ForReals, Jeremy Wilson, Dr. Theopolis, Redray Frazier). We are currently preparing to release our first full length record "A Howl Against the Wind" in the spring/summer of 2013 with shows/tour dates to follow.

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Drunken Prayer, The Mutineers, The My Oh Mys

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