Barnyard Stompers

Barnyard Stompers

Barnyard Stompers is a power duo made up of Casey Miller and Megan Go-Go Wise. The two have collectively played in many legendary Roots Rock-n-Roll outfits such as Hillbilly Hellcats, Bop Kings, Vibes on Velvet, Kozmik Kowboyz and Buckwild. They have teamed together to bring Wild West Outlaw Cow Punk back to the Western Mountain Region. Hold on to your fancy hats and shades as Barnyard Stompers delivers a heavy dose of Country, Punk, Rock, Jigs and just straight crazy music the likes of which your momma warned you about!!!

"These folks are crazy. What is our country coming to?" -Barack O'Bama
"I once went to a fight and a Barnyard Stompers show broke out!" -Chuck Liddelll
"Keep on hatin'; we'll make more..." -Barnyard Stompers
"This is my all-time, hands-down, favorite band!!!" -YOU

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