Colorado Colors: Hip Hop Showcase Hosted by and Featuring (uNiT)e & New Profession w/ Los, DoM CoLii, Dhymes of Aporia, Jacob Ryan, and Gold Chain Ricky

LivedLife Movement - {HushLife & (uNiT)e}

HushedLife and (uNiT)e not only share a bond through music but are also bound by blood.Since the birth of these two artists there was a connection deeper then the eye could see. The two cousins musical roots trace back to their grandfather, an amazingly gifted musician who passed away when both (uNiT)e and HushedLife were beginning to develop a passion and love for music. LivedLife is a movement that not only captures the attention of an audience, it delivers relatable messages and creates an escape through the revolutionary sounds created originally by HushedLife and the original yet witty style of (uNiT)e. LivedLife has opened for artists such as Pete Rock & CL Smooth, IAMSU!, Jay Ant, Kool John, and are making a name for themselves through the Colorado Hip Hop scene.

New Profession

New Profession is an upcoming artist out of Denver, Colorado, trending to create a different perception of hip hop through imagery, personal experiences, and topics never really used before in the hip hop genre. He just dropped his first mixtape “Ideas Above the Clouds” and an album “A New Era of Hip Hop and is now working on a second album. His first two projects showcase his unique rhyming skills, metaphors, ideas, and wordplay and will be building on this. As he looks into the faces of the crowd at his live show, you feel his passion as he pours his soul out to the audience. He just put out a music video that takes on a subject that not many hip hop artists have really ventured into about death, waking up in a coffin, and not taking advantage of your life to the fullest.

“I am trying to create something different, something that no one has ever heard before.”

You could compare New Profession to many different artists from Rhymesayers, but New Profession is making a name for himself through his personality and connection to fans.

New Profession has a hunger that will never disappear. He explains,

“I have this motivation that tells me to get up every morning early and go to bed late just to perfect my craft.”

Whenever he isn’t working his day job or studying for college, he tries to make something better of his career as a hip hop artist, whether it be promoting, writing, or thinking about what ideas to do next. He has defined success in only five months by playing many shows, putting out an album two music video, & and mixtape, and has started to host his own shows. He is becoming well known on the Internet and through his city from the beginning of 2012. This has been done by cutting out any distractions in his life:

“I sleep as little as possible, only party once in a while, and put all my money into my art.”

His influences range from Mac Miller’s success, to any artist that has started a movement in hip hop and changed the game, including Atmosphere, Notorious B.I.G, and Jay-Z.

“Lately I have been studying every successful hip hop artist’s story and their music.”

New Profession continues to progress each day, rehearsing his songs during four-hour shifts at work and often writing and promoting into the late hours of the night.

“I have made so many goals, I don’t know where to start counting. Every time I meet a goal, I make a new one.”

Look out for his next Album dropping in the beginning of 2013 and his EP dropping early next year as well as a couple more music videos. This style of hip hop has never been done before, and he welcomes anyone with an open mind to follow his inspiring journey to brighten both his future and yours.

In a world where hip-hop has been hopelessly confused with hip-pop, one man cunningly slays the diligent rhymes to awaken the masses. Dhymes, lyrical genius and philanthropist has created quite a commotion in the local Denver area, arousing stagnant mind states through swift lyrical pattern. Joshua Dosumu has been the freestyle king from the front seats of cars, to crowded skate parks, to basement rap battles, but has only recently decided to share his nostalgias with the public. Burning with aggression Dhymes aims to inspire creative and questioning thought towards the powers that be. Maybe one day hip-pop will finally cease to the true legendary embrace of hip-hop.

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Colorado Colors: Hip Hop Showcase Hosted by and Featuring (uNiT)e & New Profession w/ Los, DoM CoLii, Dhymes of Aporia, Jacob Ryan, and Gold Chain Ricky

Monday, June 17 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at Cervantes' Other Side

Tickets Available at the Door