Elison Jackson, Lake Superior, Kindred Queer

Elison Jackson

Elison Jackson is a garage-folk/stoner-soul band from New Haven, CT that has self-released two records. The band's 2011 release, "Spectral Evidence", was praised as having a "dark, almost supernatural vibe (CT.com)" with "songs like half-remembered memories or stories from a distant lifetime (Symbiotic Reviews)". The band plans to release an EP on 12" vinyl in summer 2012.

"I believe that this may be one of the next great bands to emerge literally out of nowhere...they may have captured their own genre." -From Under The Basement

Lake Superior

Pete Rahn and Jeff Thomson are two Michigan expats who found each other in Montpelier, Vermont. With a longing for Detroit Rock N' Roll and Great Lakes culture they started Lake Superior as a side project of another band in 2009.

They got together, wrote songs, played a few shows, and had fun unitl in 2012 they realized that they had turned into a real band with some damn good songs.

They are recording their first full length album, to be released by State and Main Records in early 2013.

Kindred Queer

Vocal harmony, progressive acoustic guitar, drums and poetically driven melodic development characterizes this New Haven CT based trio.
kindred n. - a body of persons as a family, tribe or clan associated by origins, nature and qualities of character; those related by similar beliefs, attitudes or feelings

queer adj. - strange or odd from a conventional viewpoint; unusually different; singular; deviating from the expected or socially accepted norm



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Elison Jackson, Lake Superior, Kindred Queer

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