International Fly Fishing Festival

International Fly Fishing Festival

“Cast Alaska II” – Cross Current Fishing Productions-This 20-minute segment entitled Sheebang follows Dave and Cravens, familiar faces from our first Cast Alaska movie, as they journey above the Arctic Circle in search of the rare and elusive sheefish. Facing challenges at every turn, it showcases the excitement, difficulties and raw beauty of fishing in areas of Alaska so remote that few have ever seen them.
“The Last Salmon Forest” – Detonation Studios-After a grueling but rewarding 11 day shoot in South East Alaska's Tongass National Forest we were invited to submit a digital
short for The Drake film awards. With only a handful of days to edit this is our submission that won an award for Best Cinematography.
Gratitude- To all the phenomenal Alaskans that put a roof over our head, kept us fed and opened up their lives to us. Without their support this project would not of been possible.
“Only the River Knows” – Kokkaffe Media -'Only the River Knows' is an intimate, beautiful and humorous portrayal of what goes on inside the heads and hearts of fly fishers.When the young trout bum Rolf Nylinder loses his way in the New Zealand
wilderness, he finds the long forgotten journal of fly fishing guru Lars Lenth in an abandoned cabin. The old book becomes a moral compass for Rolf, who gradually becomes more and more obsessed by the poetic adventures of Lenth. Destiny forces the two fly fishers together, but what will happen when their worlds
“A Deliberate Life” – Silo4 - Set primarily against the diverse, rugged and breathtaking landscape of Idaho and Oregon, A Deliberate Life explores the stories of five unlikely friends who share the same love of fly fishing and the outdoors and their choice to lead a life according to their passions.
Additional Films…..
“Competition” – Vantage Point Media House
“Surf’s Up” – Fly Max Films
“Beard Chronicles” – Marc Crapo
“California Trout” – Burl Productions
“Angry Rain” – Castaway Films
& More!


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International Fly Fishing Festival

Saturday, May 25 · Doors 6:00 PM at Pink Garter Theatre