Richard the Lionhearted, Moonrunner

Richard the Lionhearted

This band hails from the heartland of America but much of their music has shadings of the west coast or the desert southwest," writes Kevin Wierzbicki of "They're not exactly cowboys on acid but a generous amount of psychedelia informs their music with an eerie aura, like it's floating in from a distant radio station that you're lucky enough to catch for a few miles as you ramble down some forlorn highway. It doesn't take too much scrutiny to realize there's something special going on here... which results in music that is both full of warmth and intellectually stimulating.


You’ll hear the spark of a flame to a cigarette, and the sheer bliss in the release of the cloudy thick smoke. The progression in sound, from shallow to deep, as the whiskey leaves a longneck, and hits some old five and dimer’s 3 ouncer with an amber splash. The anguish of a broken heart, as the drunken reminiscing of a ramblin’ fool’s memories floods your ears. You’ll find your muse in the stories of the men who have dreamed, inspired, and revolutionized. You'll see the glow of those neon lights reflecting off the empty glasses of the patrons in some joint in Atlantic City.

Boreal Hills

Boreal Hills is a duo rock band that originates from Columbia, MO.

Rusty Maples

Bred from the ashes of brothers Blair and Ian Dewane's now defunct but much loved indie pop band The Skooners, Rusty Maples started out as Las Vegas Strip busking sessions between singer Blair Dewane and classically trained cellist Courtney Waldron. Those early busking sessions were well received by the public, and feeling that they had something special going on they began adding more members to make a full band, picking up songwriting partner/brother/lead guitarist Ian Dewane, Mike Weller from prominent Las Vegas bands Hungry Cloud and A Crowd Of Small Adventures on bass, and Minneapolis transplant Max Plenke on drums. With the full lineup locked in, Rusty Maples wasted no time booking nationwide, first opening for David Bazan and soon thereafter stepping in as the backing band for New York's OK SWEETHEART during her 2012 SXSW tour.
With a sound all their own combining alt-country, folk, surf, garage-punk, and west coast sparkly indie pop, Rusty Maples has risen to the forefront of the Las Vegas indie scene, with comparisons to The Lumineers, Local Natives, Mumford and Sons, The Shins, and The Walkmen. .


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Richard the Lionhearted, Moonrunner with Boreal Hills, Rusty Maples

Saturday, June 22 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at The Blue Note (MO)

Tickets Available at the Door